If Midnight Club is making a comeback, it's about time – Take-Two is sitting on a gem of a franchise

Midnight Club: Los Angeles was a great swansong for the arcade racer, but now the genre’s a bit less packed, it’s time for Take-Two to bring it back.

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SDuck367d ago

after NFS failed for so long, I'd say this comeback is long overdue

ChiefofLoliPolice366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Hold on now...Heat was actually a step on the right direction. Hell even 2016 NFS was. I wouldn't say it failed per se.

SDuck366d ago

not necessarily bad but not quite good either is what I'm saying

Flawlessmic367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Yes, yess and yesssss!!

I loved dub edition back in the day, had a killer soundtrack aswell.

LA was sick as well, cmon rockstar give the people what they want and being a classic back!!

YungDragon365d ago

Dub Edition was my absolute fave!! I hope they think along those lines if they bring it back

366d ago
Teflon02366d ago

Midnight Club 3 is the best Street racing game imo. Also Midnight club was the real start of waypoint racing. It really pushed the open world race design to the next level, Where you could race on roofs etc. We need it back asap

badboyz09366d ago

Did I hear midnight club?

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