Moss: Book II Hands-Off Preview - A Rare Opportunity Seized - PlayStation Universe

PSU: "Back when Sony first unveiled the PSVR, there was plenty of excitement, but also skepticism. There hadn’t been a VR device with the reach of PSVR, as it worked in conjunction with the PS4 players already owned. Some dived right in, but many took hesitant, cautious steps forward when entering the waters of VR. Moss: Book I however, changed player skepticism forever. It was, and still is, a VR game that showed what is possible within this medium. For storytelling, for player immersion, for design. With Book II on the horizon, I was given the chance to see some gameplay, and speak to Doug Burton, a designer hard at work on Polyarc’s upcoming project."

GamingSinceForever847d ago

I loved this game. I wish the majority of VR games were in this 3rd person perspective because it is easier on the stomach. This sequel will lead me to firing up the PSVR again. Then while I am at it I can finally play that Rogue Squadron as well.


Meta Promotes Quest Gaming Showcase With Huge Sale

Meta promotes its Quest Gaming Showcase this week with a huge sale offering individual discounts up to 50% off as well as bundle deals.

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Moss: Book II Review | The PlayStation Brahs

The PlayStation Brahs:

"What does developer Polyarc improve upon for our hero in this mighty sequel!? Let’s find out with Moss: Book II for PlayStation VR2."

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The 7 Best PSVR 2 Games to Play While Sitting Down, Ranked

The best PSVR 2 games to play while sitting down don't usually require much movement or put players in a vehicle that does most of the heavy lifting.

Although the majority of PSVR 2 games support both seated and standing positions, the latter may not always be an option for some players. Sony's latest virtual reality headset has those players covered, with the hardware boasting plenty of great games that can be enjoyed while sitting down.

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HeliosHex448d ago

Lol I never play standing for any game.

FortWaba448d ago

Pavlov is kind of awkward while sitting. Reloading requires reaching at an angle that's just not exactly ergonomic unles you're standing.

HeliosHex448d ago

@fortwaba. Oh no I totally get it. When iam playing walking dead its awkward putting my weapons away, reaching for backpack etc. Iam just a lazy gamer lol.

SullysCigar448d ago

I heard a guy the other day saying that he sits on a stool so that he can still reach down if needs be. I thought that was a pretty good idea.

I prefer just to stand for most games and just play for shorter periods if I'm knackered, but that's not an option for everyone. I do like to slob on the sofa in VR and play Puzzling Places or Demeo.

Leeroyw448d ago

I just want to play AAA and AA titles sitting down in VR. Sometimes I wonder if I'm in the minority. I don't really want to act out everything.

Viljong448d ago

Missed switchback. Is ment to be played sitting but upper body movement required. Walking dead is stand up game. I only sit when back to restin place camp. Pavlov is best for room scale, there is no crouch button so you need to take cover and get down yourself which is great.