10 Games Like Left 4 Dead To Play With Friends

So many games have tried not to let Left 4 Dead get left behind by making their own spins on the zombie-killing formula.

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Knightofelemia708d ago

I just want L4D3 all ready love the game I thought the add on with their blessing would have shown Valve fans love the game.


Left 4 Dead Writer Explains The Drawbacks Of Releasing Games In Early Access

He wants to launch all his projects initially through close beta.


It's Time To Give Up On Left 4 Dead-Likes

TheGamer Writes "No game will ever surpass Left 4 Dead in the co-op horde shooter genre, so maybe it's time to move on."

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HyperMoused379d ago

True, id go for a complete remake of the original though

FPS_D3TH379d ago

It’s the simplistic design coupled with mod support that makes it unbeatable. I feel like it can only be succeeded by a remake or the same gameplay design with updated graphics, animations, weapons and new setting. Thing is, Valve doesn’t create or release games unless they feel it pushes the medium forward. They’re not interested in reselling the same content refreshed or not.

Number1TailzFan379d ago

It's also the simplistic design that makes it get boring after you've played it a bunch of times.

Concertoine379d ago

A significant evolution of the AI Director would be amazing. Increase the count for zombies on the map (which was low in the old games due to limitations of course). Make good maps (L4D1 style) and you have a very refined game

JL2930378d ago

That's all it needs, improved visuals and new maps.


10 Most Disgusting Enemies in Games

GF365: "I'd advise against reading this article if you just had your lunch. Here are the most disgusting enemies in games."

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Garethvk397d ago

The Callisto Protocol has some gross ones as did the Doom, Dead Space, and Quake games.

cooperdnizzle397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

That had to be one of the worst list I have ever seen.. The flood from Halo makes the list? Left for dead? Terrible list… they didn’t even mention silent hill or Bloodborne. Obviously they haven’t played too many games.