Horizon Forbidden West - Patch 1.08

Guerrilla: "We’ve just released Patch 1.08. Thanks to everyone who has used the Support Form to share their issues with us, please continue to do so for any bugs you come across in Horizon Forbidden West.

** Please note that some patch notes may contain SPOILERS!**"

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dumahim372d ago

I hope that black screen fix is the one where the screen just randomly goes black for a second. I got hit with it really bad yesterday when fighting a Stormbird. It kept going to black like every 45 seconds or so for a few minutes.

ooquis372d ago

Try this. Go to your settings/video and screen settings/video output/4k video transfer rate = set to -1 and if it still persists set it to -2. It fixed the problem for me.

akurtz372d ago

Unfortunately that lowers the image quality aswell. You might need to update your tv firmware, that was my problem and it was fixed. Unless you have an old tv, the signal could be too much for the tv to keep up

Bruh371d ago

Has nothing to do with transfer rates from the PS5/ PS4 lmao. Its a memory leak, happens when there's a ton of effects or machines in small area

dumahim372d ago

And nope. Still getting the black screen flashes.

Knushwood Butt371d ago

I get that on my PS5 but I figured it was because I'm running the HDMi cables through the psvr processing box.

It happens during any game for me but is a killer during driving games. Blackout for a couple of seconds and whatever you are doing is ruined.

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ooquis372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

Black screen fix.

brewin372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

I seem to have issues with movement and getting stuck on things whenever doing a cauldron. It never seems to happen anywhere else, but those tight spaces is when it seems to get a bit janky. Anyone else notice that? It seems minor but it really bothers me when it happens.

Teflon02372d ago

I get stuck on like things while fighting and dodging which gets me hit or killed. But that really only happened in the starting part of the open map after the into. After passing the big fight area, going down to where it changes. From there onward I've had no issues like that

P_Bomb371d ago

I’ve only done a couple Cauldrons but I’ve never been a fan of them. Much prefer the overworld.

Christopher371d ago

At some points in some cauldrons, it wants you to jump one specific way only. It can come off as stuck, but just limiting movement/angle/etc. There are also times when I'm climbing (anywhere) where I start getting stuck in an animation that kind of jumps up and down quickly.

brewin371d ago

Yeah I've also noticed the climbing stickiness on occasion. Some of the jumps have been weird too. I've realized that sometimes you have to just push the stick forward and not jump at all, it does so automatically. Riding those mechanical arms I had to learn the hard way kept trying to jump and it was just a forward press🤦

Bigman4k371d ago

This latest patch proves again why i should've waited longer to play it

ZeekQuattro371d ago

Yeah. I was like damn I didn't have all these problems with the first one but then I remembered I got it years later when Sony offered it for free on PSN. lol

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