Lair Roughly 90% Done, Shipping in Spring

Game Informer spoke with the company's co-founder and president Julian Eggebrecht at this week's D.I.C.E. summit, who revealed Lair is in the last stages of development: tweaking and optimization.

"Basically, by all definitions, pretty much everything is there. Now it's optimization and really getting the difficulty curve right and really getting everything tweaked right. All of the systems are there. All of the unlocking-everything is there. Would I want to give it to you? No, because it needs to be tweaked right...."

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PS360PCROCKS4894d ago

I WILL personally buy this if my roomie does not

Arkham4894d ago

I will personally buy this because there's not much else out to buy. ;)

Syko4894d ago (Edited 4894d ago )

I will not buy it because I sold my PS3 for $1300

Interested to see if this lives up to the hype though. Will have my buddy bring his PS3 over cause he doesn't have an HDTV and it looks like a fat lady in a Moo Moo on his TV. He's pretty stoked about this one, Hope his lil' heart doesn't get broken

mucho 994894d ago

I bet something happens, and it gets delayed until fall.

Contra264894d ago


Grown Folks Talk4894d ago

i trust myself. i saw a reviewer say gigli was better than bad boys 2. everybody has their own taste. you may think a particular food dish is fantastic, but since i can't stand onions, i might think it's gross. try a demo, watch somebody else play, rent/ borrow it. use your own judgement.

Bebedora4894d ago

Best crossing to put those two together? Genius

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The story is too old to be commented.