Modder Brings Portable GameCube Console To Reality

The portable GameCube console, which was once a hoax, has recently been reimagined into reality by a modder after more than a decade.

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SinisterMister377d ago

Some really talented people out there. How can I get one for myself?

Snookies12377d ago

By becoming a really talented person, lol. Seriously though, I'd buy one...

VenomUK377d ago

Respect to the love and dedication to crafting this. But now there is a Switch that runs many new versions of Gamecube games it's not so desirable.

Inverno377d ago

I would check the description of the YouTube videos. Many link to shells, parts and and instructions to build these portable version of old home consoles.

Critic4l_Strik3377d ago

Nintendo suing in 3...2...1...

SinisterMister377d ago

You're damn right about that.

jznrpg377d ago

If he is selling them for sure .

brewin376d ago

Holy hell that is slick! I am constantly amazed by these modders. I don't understand why Nintendo wouldn't team with them and release this kind of stuff in a limited capacity. They could just sell it thru their official website and not mass produce them. There is definitely a market for this stuff so why not embrace it?!