Shadow Warrior 3: A great game let down by frustrating technical issues

Digital Foundry - Nine years on from Flying Wild Hog Studios' first reboot of the Shadow Warrior franchise, it's all change with the third series entry. Protagonist Lo Wang's voice is different, the gameplay itself has evolved and crucially - from a Digital Foundry perspective, at least - the engine technology powering the experience has moved on.

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blackblades332d ago

Surprised there isnt a ps5 version considering its over a year that ps5 been out and this game just came out. At this point every game that comes out should.

MeatyUrologist332d ago

Yep just one of about 10 frustrating decisions the developers made with this one. Could've been great but instead it is poor all around.

JEECE332d ago

Yep, when devs rely on the "well it's on PS4 and therefore can be played on PS5" this far into the generation, it's not a good sign.