Square Enix's New JRPG The DioField Chronicle Gets Tons of Screenshots, Artwork, & Details

Following yesterday's surprise announcement of The DioField Chronicle, Square Enix has released tons of details, artwork, and screenshots.

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MeteorPanda444d ago

They got me by the proverbial balls this year with endwalker, triangle strategy and now this.

KingofBandits444d ago

I really did not like how this one looked. Yeah Valkyrie was rough too but this seems like it needed some serious polish in the animations for a diorama based SRPG. Still I'll give it a fair shot and see how it turns out

sourOG444d ago

So is this xcom style turn based or persona style turn based?

jznrpg444d ago

Turn based strategy game not Persona traditional rpg turn . Like Fire Emblem Three houses

sourOG444d ago

Never played fire emblem is it any good? I just platinumed disciples liberation, those types of games are my jam.

BrainSyphoned444d ago

Fire Emblem is the only game I ever recommend on Switch for whatever that's worth. Multiple playthoughs available, open options for builds and pretty good battles on hard. Normal is way too easy though imo. It does have downtime between battles to run around your base and get to know your team. Options to let your teammates live if they get carted during battle or to let them die permanently, at least one character can die by your choices in game. You choose what every character on your team specializes in and you can recruit others if you want to take the time to woo them. If you like SRPGs you should at least give it a shot.
Cohh Carnage has a good playthrough on YouTube or Twitch if you want to check out gameplay.

jznrpg444d ago

This and Valkyrie I’m in !

Vithar444d ago

love it, cant wait to try this! :)

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