GameZone Interview : The Witcher comes to next-gen console systems & Jakub Stylinski explains what that means

GameZone writes: "'The first thing they'll see, almost literally, will be a completely redone and visually enhanced user interface'"

The Witcher was one of those role-playing PC titles that was a pleasant surprise when it released. Oh, there was little doubt – having seen previews of it – that it would be fun, but the surprise was the depth of the gameplay and the expansiveness of the world.

But that was back in October of 2007. In 2009 the game will be heading for the next-gen consoles, specifically the 360 and PS3. While the storylines are intact, the game engines and combat systems have been rebuilt.

What does that mean for console gamers who have yet to play the game?

GameZone turned to Jakub Stylinski, senior designer at CD Projekt RED, to answers as to what will make the console version unique.

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