Capcom Announces "Exoprimal," Out in 2023

Capcom brought a new trailer that announces their new action game "Exoprimal." It's like if Anthem crossed over with Dino Crisis, here's our first look.

darthv72445d ago

had me thinking it was dino crisis at first. Clever move Capcom.

monkey602445d ago

I dont know if I'd say "clever"

I also thought it was Dino Crisis and I was about to pull my hair out over how bad they'd done it! I was never so relieved to see the bait and switch

RaidenBlack445d ago

I guess, the reason Capcom went with this before any official Dino Crisis project coz this is a live service one and starving dino crisis fans will nevertheless give this a shot, as they have no other choice from Capcom. This will in turn generate the live service mtx revenue that Capcom is targeting.
If this Exo project came after any supposed Dino Crisis revival project, it would gotten much less attention.

excaliburps445d ago

LOL! You mean you didn't like the Anthem + dinosaurs thing? Whaaat? xD

blackblades445d ago

Why not let it be a spiritual successor, games doesnt have to make a return with the same name.

Epicor445d ago

Dinocrisis with Overwatch heroes (Genji, Reinhardt and Echo copy-heroes were at least seen here). It looks a bit lacklustre to be honest.

Nintentional445d ago

Reminds me of a quality, dumb fun game like the ones Capcom would still put out during Xbox 360/PS3 generation like Lost Planet and Dead Rising.

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Snakeeater25445d ago

The game that no one asked haha

Snakeeater25445d ago (Edited 445d ago )

Oh am sorry GOTY god of war 2 will be pure garbage compare to this game haha

A breath of fresh air is what that game is ;)

MadLad445d ago


Oh yes.
Ragnarok exists, so just don't release other games. No need.

Jin_Sakai445d ago

“The game that no one asked haha“

You can’t ask for a game that no one knew existed in the first place…

strifeblade445d ago

I think you mean to say the game that no one asked for.

You can't ask a game anything. It does not live or breathe.

SurgicalMenace445d ago

I love it; it looks like a decent time, and it's something new from Capcom. Getting tired of the same formula and sequels.

SenorFartCushion445d ago

It’s hardly new is it.

It’s just another Anthem-style goas game

whitbyfox445d ago

Lets hope this guaranteed steaming pile of crap is just a way for Capcom to experiment with new-gen dinosaur graphics/animation/AI for a new Dino Crisis.

thesoftware730445d ago

The dinos were so unimpressive.

The game looks terrible.

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