PlayStation confirms it has suspended sales in Russia

“SIE joins the global community in calling for peace in Ukraine”

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kayoss868d ago

I feel bad for most of the Russian citizens who has nothing to do with this war, yet they have to suffer just because one tyrant couldn’t control his ego.

MoonConquistador868d ago

I feel worse for the people of Ukraine tbh, I think they are suffering far more than Russians losing their access to PSN, but I get your point.

Putin is a bellend.

LucasRuinedChildhood868d ago (Edited 868d ago )

Agreed. If these sanctions make a prolonged war financially unfeasible for Russia, then they are more than justified.

Ukrainians have a right to self-determination, to not be bombed in their homes, and to not be slaughtered while their just trying to flee through agreed upon evacuation corridors during promised ceasefires (more Russian war crimes and lies).

Empathy for Russian civilians is understandable but some American commenters in particular are extremely insulated from the reality of the situation. On this site, I've seen Americans try to tie sanctions to cancel culture (?) and fascism as opposed to the authoritarian dictator suppressing opposition and trying to violently crush a democracy. You can't make this shit up. Some people have no shame.

Almost 2 million Ukrainians have been forced emigrate to neighbouring European countries so far, and it's predicted to easily get to 5 or 6 million. In Ireland alone, we're going to take in over 100,000, and a third of them so far are children from split families who may never see their fathers again.

But yeah, the biggest crime here is not being able to play Gran Turismo. Idiots.

Eonjay868d ago

From a business prospective it makes sense to pull out of the market temporarily especially considering the sharp decline in Russian currency. And this is better than doubling prices to me. Plus with the lose of major venders like Paypal, Visa and MasterCard in Russia and sanctions on their central financial systems, it's not even really feasible to continue operations in the region.

FPS_D3TH868d ago

@lucasruinedchildhood some people have no shame and some of those same people are very very very stupid

Crows90868d ago

@so answering one person's suffering with another is justified as long as one person suffers more than the other?

This does nothing to stop the invasion. And yes the Russian citizens have been suffering for far longer under Putin. We just don't hear about it.
If you speak out, you disappear.

This same citizens that are getting penalized are now losing sources of income due to these sanctions. So now they either hate the west, starve, or be killed.

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Name Last Name868d ago (Edited 868d ago )

Poor Russians… won’t be able to play while they bomb their neighbors. Maybe now that they don’t have anything to do they can start researching why the whole world is against them.

nickanasty206868d ago

We can all hope they have access to VPN's to find out the truth.

kayoss868d ago

I wasnt just referring to just to PSN. I was referring to all the sanctions that happened. I know the sanction have to happen to put Putin in his place. Ukranian are suffering more than anyone because they lost their homes. But you look at it, both sides are losing in a different way.

Crows90868d ago

Right cuz playing is all that the sanctions have affected....geez

ScootaKuH868d ago

Don't confuse the civilians with the dictator who's running the country. Most Russians want nothing to do with the war. They're human beings like the rest of us, just trying to get by.

shadowfax33867d ago

umm...not the whole world is against them, unless you believe every word from the privet owned news channels.
people ignore the last 8 years back n forth conflict between the two countries and just sees putin as the new (boogeyman)

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FPS_D3TH868d ago

Then the Russians better start to wake up and realize exactly what they need to do in order for the bs to end

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LucasRuinedChildhood868d ago

I don't think it even financially makes sense to sell these products in Russia right now, even if these corporations wanted to.

So many different payment processing systems no longer work there. Visa and Mastercard, for example, have cut business, and now Russia banks are turning to China to try adopt their payment systems.

Eonjay868d ago

I was saying this above. Totally agree.

ITPython867d ago

Basically they can virtue signal their support for Ukraine while saving their bottom dollar.

But on the flip side, why not buy the dip? I seriously doubt the Russian currency is going to remain this low forever, so why not get more of that currency while it's low for future profits?

Although maybe that is the end plan for these corporations. Wait until the war is over and Russia's currency is at its lowest, then re-open up for business at the very peak of the dip. A game might cost ~8,000 Rubles right now, but in the future when everything has stabilized in Russia, that very same game might cost half that. Which would be double the profits for companies who got double the Rubles during the dip.

John_McClane868d ago

I bet Putin is shaking in his boots.

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WelkinCole868d ago

You know if everyone straved the German Warmachine by boycotting German goods and services then likely we would not have had a WW2.

Its the same thing we are trying here. Better that than WW3 with nukes in the mix

sourOG868d ago

Corporate activism is a fat nothingburger. When China, Russia and India create a new global currency this will be looked at as the biggest blunder of the west. Out of touch elitist bullshit.

sourOG868d ago (Edited 868d ago )

No it’s me, truth. Lol

Press F for petrodollar.

Eonjay868d ago

Corporate Activisim or smart move in a crumbling economy where ther is no way to actually collect on what you are selling?

sourOG868d ago

Both. The ruble was worth like 14 cents before the crash. They could make it work but it’s not really worth the hassle. I don’t blame the e-stores abandoning ship right now but they will be back when it’s profitable and they aren’t threatened by American politics and culture which is dramatically losing its luster.

When that hemisphere says “okay we’ll do our own thing” you know everything changes right? Everything. Do you understand the consequences beyond making Russia pay for a long war? You can’t look at history for what’s about to happen. It’s going to get much worse and we deserve everything we’re going to get for our apathy and stupidity. Fighting a world war with lame ass gamergate tactics… for what? To change into what? Scary times man.

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Omegasyde868d ago

You sure don’t know economics.

sourOG868d ago

I sure as hell hope not. If China, Russia and India get together we are f***ed.

Destiny1080868d ago (Edited 868d ago )

nobody wants chinese currency, not even the chinese

china will do anything to save russia from collapse, russia is in safe hands, do you actually think the chinese want to be surrounded by the free world

dumahim868d ago

"The ruble was worth like 14 cents before the crash"

I think you're looking at a chart wrong. It was $0.014 last Fall. That's 1.4 cents. Not 14. It's about half of that now.

sourOG867d ago (Edited 867d ago )

You might be right I glanced it. I didn’t think it was that bad off but I was just saying the “they don’t want to be a part of a collapsing economy” doesn’t make any sense. Even less so if it was 1.4 and not 14.

Umb868d ago

sourOG - you make a good point. Being on this planet for almost half a century I've seen so many crap that makes you wonder and think. I've seen the BS the MSM was spouting and parroting from the 1st Gulf War to the 2nd Gulf War to regime change in Libya, etc.
Question is, how many people really knows what is going in the world beside Ukraine? For over two years it was Covid, now it's Ukraine, what's next... climate emergency, cyber attacks??
The situation in Yemen is a lot worse than Ukraine where the military action by Saudi Arabia has not been report and the immense human suffering there.
The narrative changes like the weather as long as it profits and benefit the people pulling the strings!
People needs to broaden their views and not only accept information from the MSM, because objective journalism is a rare and dying species. Corporate greed and narrative control is what drives the news cycle and its not in the peoples best interest.