Horizon Forbidden West - Patch 1.07

Guerrilla: "Patch 1.07 is out! This patch includes an "Always Off" option for weapons & ammo and tools & potions in the Custom HUD options, a fix to speak to Porguf during side quest "Breaking Even", and more. ** Please note that some patch notes may contain SPOILERS!**"

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lellkay383d ago (Edited 383d ago )

How is the shimmer still not fixed :(.

I love the game and I can't put it down, but i'm stuck in 30fps fidelity because performance mode has so many problems.

Expect better on this front from Sony studios.

pietro1212383d ago

Really? I’m having issues running the game in fidelity mode, the frame rate was all over the place and dropped to 10 to 20 frames at times and the screen flickers to black. When the game is running well, it’s a blast to play which is most of the time.

Spenok383d ago

Interesting. I've need playing about 20 hours now, all in fidelity and experienced zero issues the entire time.

I wonder why these issues are so inconsistent.

VersusDMC383d ago

When i had frame rate issues i would save , quit to title screen and reload(continue). That fixed it. Sounds annoying but it's seconds in the new fast loading era.

thorstein383d ago


The issues are inconsistent because of varying home TVs. If you have something that is state of the art, you probably won't run into rendering problems, I know I don't. But, I am still having problems with deep blacks on Deathloop and Dying Light 2.

I think most consumers want plug n play and the software should run the best possible way rather than constantly tweak the TV AND the PS5 settings to get the best quality on each game.

Muigi383d ago

If you watched the Digital Foundry episode you’d know its not a simple fix. If you know how to though you should give Guerilla a call I’m sure they’d love your input 🙃.

mattkelly1991383d ago

@majorlazer Calling someone that is probably not any better.

PTMG383d ago

I'm playing performance mode and have absolutely no problems whatsoever.

The shimmer for me was fixed in the last patch.

andy85383d ago

I've been on performance from the start and it looks and runs amazing. Maybe it differs by display

chicken_in_the_corn383d ago

It's fidelity mode that has problems for me. It's very choppy. Performance looks better too

generic-user-name383d ago

>Expect better on this front from Sony studio

You and the reviewers both.

P4rrot379d ago

Been playing since launch, tried both modes. Not had the shimmering problem at all, tried to recreate what others have done to make it show but nothing.. I do wonder if it's an issue with certain TVs. Prefer to play in performance mode as feels smoother and still looks pretty amazing.

lellkay378d ago

@P4rrot i to would much rather play in performance mode, but the shimmer and shifting colors when I move the camera are unbarable.

I play on a 4K monitor and have never had any issues with other games before.

Saying that once my eyes and brain adjusted to the 30fps, I really came to appreciate the higher resolution and I'm loving the game. Still ultimately I would rather play Performance mode.

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Starman69383d ago

I'm just not enjoying the game itself 😕

Silly gameAr383d ago

Everyone has their opinion man. Like, you think Raider is Better than Uncharted, so maybe certain games just aren't your style?

Starman69383d ago

I loved the first horizon, didn't enjoy dlc, and cannot get into this on (yet!), And No, I said tomb raider and uncharted are a match for me. I think it's silly writting off the complete history of the tomb raider franchise as it's been huge, for such a long time. The guys at the the studio (apart from shadow ottr), are experts in graphics and level design. I love tomb raider! And I also love uncharted. I regularly Google both franchises for news updates on future games. If they both die out, I'll be gutted ! 😕

darthv72383d ago

At least you can play it. My copy is still on backorder from target. I ordered the SE (I wanted the steelbook case) and they keep sending me notices to okay my order being on backorder. Im to a point where i just F it and go get a regular copy for cheaper.

It's been two weeks now but i did just get GT7 so that mitigates things somewhat... but im still not happy about their ordeal.

derek383d ago

Best game I've played for awhile. I've had no tech issues at all.

Starman69383d ago

Also no tech issues 👍

MeatyUrologist383d ago

Having a Samsung 7 series, I noticed that by turning off gaming mode on the TV and disabling motion blur in the game makes fidelity/resolution feel incredibly smooth. Maybe this is just me, but I am actually preferring this to performance mode by far after figuring this out.

MaximusPrime_383d ago

New update seems to fix my issue but either ways it did not dampen my love of playing this game. Brilliant game.

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