'Crucible' developer says "Amazon is not a great place to make games"

From NME: "Crucible developer Stephen Dewhurst shared that “Amazon is not a great place to make games” and revealed that it “was pretty apparent at the time” that Crucible would fail.

Speaking to NME, Dewhurst reflected on his seven years working at Amazon."

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sourOG269d ago

Probably made their devs piss in bottles.

galgor269d ago

And record themselves doing it, so they weren't taking the piss taking a piss.

269d ago
jjb1981269d ago

The game was crapola. I doubt they'll make anything better anywhere else.

MadLad269d ago


I mean, this is coming off of Lost Ark, which is doing great.
It doesn't seem like Amazon is the ideal publisher to go through. They're definitely out of their element, and have failed projects to show for it; but it just sounds like a dev blaming anyone but themselves for releasing a shoddy product.

Germaximus269d ago (Edited 269d ago )

lol No kidding. Every major company ruins everything.

Microsoft obliterated Mixer. Amazon destroyed Twitch. Stay indie please. It's not easy but corporations are why everything is f***ed.