Shoe Attack On President Already Turned Into A Crappy Flash Game

Kotaku Writes: "As hilarious and .gif worthy the incident was yesterday that saw an Iraqi journalist chucking his shoes at President Bush, did we really need a flash game? Apparently so."

Milkman5415661d ago

Yea it was...to bad the damn guy missed, I would have LOVED to see that SOB get hit with a shoe to the face...

uie4rhig5661d ago

if he didn't say whatever he said before throwing the shoes lol..

and fun game lol

gaffyh5660d ago

I think this game should be GOTY, it definitely deserves it more than GTA4

Jackthepwnsaur5661d ago

THis game screams PSN/XBLA all over it , LOOLLOLOLOLOL Jk, Jk...

Cra1g5661d ago

wow, it's not even that fun...

TheIneffableBob5661d ago

I thought I was supposed to kill him.

I was wondering why I kept getting a score of 0.

Timesplitter145661d ago

I thought I would get to throw the shoes... :(

Danja5661d ago

exactly....thats what I was expecting also...it's not that fun ne ways

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