Nintendo Switch Online app update out now (version 2.0.0), patch notes

A new 2.0.0 update is live for the Nintendo Switch Online app, and patch notes mention ability to see friends that are online and more.

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Jin_Sakai452d ago

Still no ability to message friends. Why Nintendo?!

Kaii451d ago

I just can't fathom why this company takes so damn long in doing basic things, can't even critique it cause they just don't care lol

kayoss451d ago (Edited 451d ago )

I still can’t fanthom the fact that their gamea which are 4-5 years old still cost $40. And that’s their sale price.

whitbyfox451d ago

I don’t get it. We’ve always been able to see which friends are online, see our friend codes and change our online status.

CDbiggen451d ago (Edited 451d ago )

That rewards system overhaul has been long overdue, for the longest time the only way to get platinum points was logging in to 3DS or Wii U shop and receiving the email updates. Hopefully we now have a chance to actually purchase some of the merchandise. I ain't wasting platinum points on those new avatars though.

Knightofelemia451d ago

Just need a party chat system, message a friend, and drop the dumbass code to add a friend.