Elden Ring Could Get Multiplayer Arena DLC As Per Leaked Hidden Area

Elden Ring modder Lance Mcdonald showcases an inaccessible colosseum area in the game which could be used for PvP arena.

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CrimsonWing69452d ago

I know PvP is huge, but my god it’s so broken to me. I’m lucky is I can even get a few seconds on before completely getting obliterated. This wouldn’t be that fun for me. I’d rather them add a new area with new bosses.

fitofficial452d ago

The PvP arena is always part of DLC that includes new areas and new bosses. I doubt very seriously that FromSoft would release it standalone without other content or at least at the same time as other content.

CrimsonWing69452d ago

I do, what I’m saying was I’d rather them make more single player content like how Dark Souls had that new area with the cool bosses and whatnot. A PvP arena just doesn’t appeal to me.

toxic-inferno452d ago


You mean that new area on Dark Souls with all the new bosses and whatnot, including a PVP arena?

MrChow666452d ago

I'm surely gonna get rekt but I want to try the PvP side.

CrimsonWing69452d ago

I totally get the appeal of it. Making some super crazy OP builds, it’s just I can’t even get up or do an attack lol. But it’s impressive what people can come up with.