Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Is Exhilarating and Hilarious

Borderlands is renowned for its stylish art direction, wicked sense of humor and tons of weapons. Looking to continue in this mold is the spin-off, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands. With huge boots to fill, will the 13-year-old demolitions expert be able to live up to its predecessors?

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Knightofelemia842d ago

Wish it was March 25th all ready I am stoked to get my hands on this game and the new Kirby game as well.

Kaii841d ago

Well hopefully whoever wrote BL3 didn't touch this at all, one can hope.

MadLad841d ago (Edited 841d ago )

Doubt it.

Borderlands 3 relies on its comedy, and the only real lead writer who did that well was Anthony Burch, and he left years ago.

Their staff tried to replicate his style with 3 and, like you said, look what happened.

The only saving grace in that regard is they already had Tiny Tina as a template. Maybe they'll do better with it being the character is already there and they're just expanding on previous content.


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