5 Reasons Elden Ring Is More Approachable To Newcomers

Elden Ring is quite welcoming compared to games of the past. Here are some of the major reasons that have come to us while playing that reminded us that Elden Ring really wants to be a little more likeable than its older siblings.

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GoodGuy09455d ago

Its open world so you have much more options, ways to get stronger, and plenty of practicing.

MeatyUrologist455d ago

As a non souls player, I'm curious how this works. Are enemies set levels or do they scale? If they scale, you would never really improve your odds. If they don't scale, they would become easy after a while, but everything I've read states they never really get much easier. If that is the case, are all the leveling and improvements pointless? If the improvements they refer to are more from a player skill stanpoint, it seems that really doesnt help much either, as each enemy has its own attack patterns, damage, health, and speeds, correct? I'm really trying to understand because I'd love to give it a go, but it's confusing.

Ognipode455d ago

The enemies don’t scale, so an enemy that was super tough at first can be very manageable later simply because you’re a higher level and you’ve got more health, more potions, stronger weapons etc.

CorndogBurglar455d ago (Edited 455d ago )

Enemies dont scale. This is the main reason it's more accessible. If you are stuck on a certain enemy you can always go to a different area and farm some runes to level up, then go back and try that enemy again.

Enemies didn't scale in Dark/Demon's Souls either, but with limited maps and only one way to go, you didn't really get much of a chance to farm. You could always go back to a level you've beaten and farm that way, but it was limited because enemies didn't respawn. You had to find a campfire or start the whole level over to get enemies to respawn. It was a bit more of a pain.

In Elden Ring, you can fast travel anywhere and find enemies of all different difficulties to farm, move somewhere close by, then go back and the enemies are all back.

Not to mention, you can refill your health and mana potions in Elden Ring without the need of going back to a campfire. Anytime you kill a group of enemies it gives you a 1 of each potion back. So you can keep yourself in the action much longer.

MeatyUrologist455d ago

Thanks for the feedback. Everything I heard from players made it sound like it never gets much easier even with leveling, but glad to hear you can make it manageable through a bit of exploring and grinding.

robtion455d ago

I think it is less accessible. Bloodborne and souls games were at least partially linear particularly toward the start so you had some idea of what order to visit levels and bosses in. Elden ring being open world and very convoluted by design does not give a lot of guidance as to where you should go and when. Figuring that out is a big part of the challenge but I would not call it newcomer friendly.

Ognipode455d ago

It definitely could do with a little more explanation (that’s from software for you though) but there’s so much going on that’s way easier on newcomers than BB or DS where some people literally won’t make it past the first few enemies.

CorndogBurglar455d ago (Edited 455d ago )

It's not that difficult though. If you're in an area with difficult enemies then avoid it for now. And go back when you're stringer.

And every Lost Grace you find points you in the direction of the next one. It actually does tell you where to go. At least for the main story.

Now, going off the beaten path to explore is another thing entirely, but thats no different than any other open world game.

Side quests are a little different because an NPC may just say, "go reclaim my fort, it's South of here." Then it's up to you to go South and find it.

robtion455d ago

Hey don't get me wrong I really like the game I like all of From's games and have played them all since the original Demon's Souls back on PS3 (the PS5 remake is fantastic too). I am not saying the Elden ring is bad, it is just not that newcomer friendly. It is not a game for the casual gaming audience and it is clearly not accessible.

That said, for people who know what they are getting themselves into and are up for committing to the challenge of figuring things out, it is great.

Kaii455d ago

The game from the get-go definitely points towards a specific direction & even after picking up a map of the general area on what spot to pick up X item and so forth, It makes me shudder that somehow people are opposed to how much freedom this game delivers upon.

Clearing enemies net you potion, summoning to take aggro away from you.

You can look at Sekiro and Bloodborne in 2 different lights because you handle'em in 2 different ways, I enjoyed bb way more than Sekiro but this game takes the best aspect of each game delivered & It shows.

AndrenNguyen1471992454d ago

Stop it fanboys, Elden Ring is sure less approachable for newcomers
In my Opinion, I think Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice did it better
Elden Ring is just another Dark Souls game ... with horse, openworld ... and jumping

Kosic454d ago

I had purchased sekiro shadows die twice recently and didn't like it. So I was somewhat put off getting elden ring. But a really good deal popped up (elden ring digital for £22 Xbox) that I couldn't turn down.
Been playing for last 2 hours and it's great, I'm a tad lost at the start after getting my horse. I didn't pay close attention about what to do. So I ended up venturing off. But can't wait to get back to it again.

Plays like Dark souls meets botw, freedom of going where you want and tackling what is within your skill set.

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