Two years of Modern Warfare 2 sounds like my idea of hell

With reports suggesting that Activision is skipping its annual Call of Duty release in 2023, a lot of us are expecting to be playing Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2 for at least two years before Treyarch’s next main series CoD game comes out. I’m not impressed at all by the thought of this. In fact, two years of an Infinity Ward Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare sequel or otherwise, sounds like hell.

Now, I don’t hate any of the Call of Duty games from Infinity Ward – in fact, 2019’s Modern Warfare was one of the better FPS games I had played in a while when it launched. But, when you compare them to the titles made by Treyarch, there’s a clear difference – and Treyarch comes out on top in my opinion.

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jambola334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

Yeah it sure sucks that no other games or hobbies exist :/ sure sucks that you're required to play one game all the time for that long

Not to mention the fact that no older call of duty games are still online, definitely not most of them at all

RaidenBlack333d ago

The author is Treyarch biased. Hence got anxious when 'no Treyarch CoD for 2023' rumor started floating around.
Basically the author eagerly waits for the next Treyarch title and in the meantime tolerates the other CoD titles during the 2-3 years in-between wait period (as long as the next Treyarch is confirmed for launch).
Since the cycle might break starting next year, his Black Ops withdrawal symptom has kicked in early, hence the article.

MetroidFREAK21333d ago

No, CoD taking a break for at least a year is the best thing to happen to the franchise

RosweeSon333d ago

Long overdue. Skipped a few myself. Need to go full next gen

Smok91333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

Well that title seems a little dramatic and not really reflective of the article. Probably better stated that he’s disappointed he’ll need to go a few years without a treyarch title.

got_dam333d ago

The series was more interesting to me when it was a bit more grounded. Ill qualify that by saying I don't play online... so there is that.

kryteris333d ago

Let's hope both games are good and fresh with design/modes. All for saving developer sanity and actualizing better experiences.

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The story is too old to be commented.