What a beauty: The Xbox 360 bus in Australia

The following bus was recently spotted in Castlereagh St, Sydney. We're not sure about the whole big muscle man thing that they plastered on the ad, but the overall splash is attractive.

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Blackmoses4898d ago

Gives a whole new meaning to their "Jump in"

andthensum4898d ago

Mart this isn't news. You're just trying to find anything relating to the xbox 360. So lame.

T-Virus4898d ago

It falls under 'advertising' or 'marketing.' Just like the PS3 ads there were featured, WII ads and 360 adverts.

TheMART4898d ago

Oh please. I just ran into this on and it's fun to see. If you don't like it don't post.

If it's not approved it will not come on the main site. Get of my back and go POST YOURSELF

I bet you haven't contributed much at this site

THAMMER14898d ago

WHY you haten on THE MART? Man people are just caray. DID it hurt you that bad that Mart posted this MAN? *SIGH~ Is the PS3 that bad?

Darth Gamer4898d ago

First of all, How many of those stupid PS3 commercials did we take a look at. Same thing if you think about it. Some people have nothing better to do with their lives than b1tch and complain. If it's not news worthy to you, DON'T CLICK IT!!

THWIP4898d ago

LOL...that thing is hideous, but in a geeky-cool way. :D

TheMART4898d ago

Now that's the first time I think you're funny, I'd almost would give you a bubble for that ;-)

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