Horizon Forbidden West – Patch 1.06

Guerrilla on Reddit: "Thank you for your patience while the team is working on fixing issues. We have just released Patch 1.06, which fixes a number of issues and crashes that you reported through our Support Form! **Please note that some patch notes may contain SPOILERS!**"

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P_Bomb385d ago

“Some players have reported that the Firegleam icons do not get removed from the map after interacting with them.”

I have this.

MaximusPrime_385d ago

I have this too. Also had display lagging issue. Sometime a brief blackout moments..

Lighter9385d ago

If it's on PS4, I think that's loading. But still.

MaximusPrime_385d ago

Sorry it's on PS5. I think PS5's fast speed of loading when moving across landscape caused some minor blackout moments. I only experienced it twice. Hope this new patch fixes this.

_SilverHawk_385d ago (Edited 385d ago )

This is such an amazing game and i still can't believe a game like elden ring which is also an amazing game is rated higher than horizon forbidden west.

UnSelf385d ago


You cant even climb over a small ledge in Elden and the animations are the same since Demon Souls on ps3.

People just hate Sony. Horizon excels on every level: Gameplay is top-notch, very refined, and an evolution on the solid mechanics introduced in the first. / Elden gameplay has been the same stiff type since Demon Souls debuted on ps3

Story is captivating with beautiful voice acting and endearing plot lines. / Elden has mythos and plot to off alone. everything else is pretty standard.

Graphics are debatably the best out today. / Elden looks good but not as good as FW

ppl just hate Sony, its simple

dumahim384d ago

Yeah, I've seen it a few times too. Feel like it's mostly when I'm round a campfire. Like a split second he whole screen goes black. Slight moment of panic.

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LoveSpuds385d ago (Edited 385d ago )

Yeah, I have this too as well as a quest icon for a greenslab still showing despite me having collected this item. Both tiny issues really, overall the game has been super stable and reliable. Utterly brilliant game.

dumahim384d ago

I found a place up north that's marked as a firegleam spot, and it was just a wall you could pry open.

Knushwood Butt385d ago

Aloy will not mention her stash quite as often as before.

MeatyUrologist385d ago

Wait i thought it was just some peach fuzz...does it grow into a full blown 'stashe later in the game?

lellkay385d ago

Still no fix for the shimmer and the big problems OLED users are experiancing?
Love this game, this this is lame.

SeTTriP384d ago

Same, only issue im having is keeping my jaw off the floor

Blaze929385d ago

I feel like a lot of reviews neglected to mention these bugs especially for OLED players

RaiderNation385d ago

You mean like how reviewers of Elden Ring neglected to talk about it's problems? You can't trust media reviews anymore. They aren't credible. Too many fanboys are running these sites now and no one wants to scrutinize when reviewing many of these games. Plus there's too many double standards. You're willing to overlook the technical issues with this game but nitpick another for the same reasons.

mkis007384d ago

I actually scored a discount on Elden Ring and booted it up. Here I am wondering how the heck it didn't get dinged for all the streaming issues. For a souls fan it is probably amazing. But for everyone else? its just an open world souls game with open world issues.

Gardenia384d ago

Never believe reviewers that give 10/10.

jambola381d ago

It's easier to notice flaws if you're not having as much fun

Tacoboto385d ago

A lot of reviewers may not have OLED TVs. Some people here (like the comment above yours atm) have the latest LGs and don't notice it. Personally, I prefer sharpness so my opinion would also be different than those who are complaining about that.

I've got the year older CX and decided to get Elden Ring instead of Horizon. Regarding the performance issues (PS5 build Framerate Mode exclusively), they are the last thing I'm thinking about as I play despite being the first thing I noticed. When the gameplay itself is so solid and well-crafted, graphical issues that present themselves immediately are easier to get used to, especially when the core gameplay isn't impacted by it. Obviously, I'm not speaking about PC players here, just basing that on my PS5 experience.

Had I gotten Horizon and saw shimmer, maybe I'd have gotten used to that too like I did with my first HD LCD and Gears of War back in 2007. It's not necessarily about credibility or intentional neglect when the overall product can be so captivating.

jukins385d ago

Still hard crashing when starting up. Either cold boot or rest mode. Infact it did it after it auto updated. Having to "repair" 3 drives from this bug several times is annoying

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