Q&A: Lego Star Wars producer Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith is the head of production at UK-based TT Games Publishing, a company established in 2005 after a merger between publisher Giant Interactive and developer Traveller's Tales. Smith established Giant in 2004 along with Managing Director Tom Stone.

Titles in its portfolio include Lego Star Wars, Super Monkey Ball Adventure, Finding Nemo, Crash Twinsanity, WRC, and Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy. The company specialises in trying to make games that sell well, and appeal to kids and families.

After the success of the two Lego Star Wars games, the company has confirmed that it will be working on more Lego projects, although coyly refuses to name what these future titles may be.

GameSpot sat down with Jonathan Smith for a chat after he gave a sold-out talk at the Game On exhibition at London's Science Museum.

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