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ELEX II is a massive improvement over its predecessor, though its dated graphics and awkward combat can drive players away before they get a chance to truly explore the vast world of Magalan.

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Viryu388d ago

I'm guessing this game will not gain much success because of a really bad timing. The biggest most marketed releases are coming out now with a big momentum, and Elex will simply be buried over all that. It should have really waited 1-2 months before releasing.

GamingonPC388d ago

Yup, the release date was really unfortunate. This sort of game already has a tough time getting mainstream recognition, and releasing sandwiched between so many big budget games won't help at all. It's a really sad situation, because I love Piranha Bytes' games, and this one is really good if you can forgive some stuff like the awkward combat and dated graphics.