Mighty Coconut signs deal with The Jim Henson Company

Mighty Coconut:

We've signed a deal with The Jim Henson Company to develop a 36-hole course set in the world of Jim Henson’s 1986 classic fantasy film LABYRINTH. Walkabout Mini Golf: Labyrinth will be available on Meta Quest, Steam, and forthcoming VR platforms Summer of 2022 and will feature family-friendly gameplay with realistic physics, and beloved creatures from the film.

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DaleCooper636d ago

Great news! Walkabout Mini Golf is amazing. Can't wait to see this game!


The 7 Best VR Sports Games

Grab a ball and get ready for a kick about! Here are the seven best VR sports games you can play right now.

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UnbreakableAlex132d ago

A VR sports list without Eleven Table Tennis is lost.


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SullysCigar141d ago

I'm addicted to Walkabout Mini Golf. Each night I game, I ALWAYS play a solo round to find all the lost special balls on a course, or do the treasure hunt to find a cool putter.

Then, every other Sunday, I play a round with some friends. It's SUCH a laugh and a really great game.

philm87140d ago

I love WAMG. Often finish a VR session with a round to chill out. Managed to pick up the Platinum for it last night, which was good fun trying to get.


Meta Quest+ VR Subscription Now Available

It has finally happened! The Meta Quest+ VR subscription service is now available for monthly and yearly subscriptions.

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talocaca152d ago

I would love to see their attach rates (probably abysmal). It seems like most people get Beat Saber and maybe buy a game or two.

Do they even have the amount of content to sustain a subscription? 😅

Mr_cheese152d ago

They've got plenty of content, for me the issue has always been pricing. Some things are very expensive for what you are getting. Others are spot on.

You're right that it will be interesting to see how well this takes