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Tales of Arise is the 17th entry in the long-standing and very successful “Tales of” series, which started way back in 1995, with Namco’s initial entry, Tales of Phantasia (the company would only later be known as Bandai Namco). In Tales of Arise, two races of people live on separate planets, Dahna and Rena. The Dahnan’s are a more primitive people with inferior technology. The Renans, on the other hand, possess technology that most Dahnan’s would likely mistake for wizardry. Since the Renan’s consider themselves superior to the Dahnan’s in every way, they eventually invade their planet, conquering and subjugating the Danhan people. Three hundred years have passed since that time. Many Dahnans have tried to rebel against their captors, but they did not have the means to do so. Every rebellion has failed, with many Dahnan lives lost in the process."

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pietro1212396d ago

I liked the game, but hated the fact the only way to make money was to do the mediocre side quest in the game. The side quests are so poorly designed . Once I got to the second half of the game I stopped playing