Aloy Is Lara Croft, But Better - Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Review | WhatsGood

Horizon Forbidden West is an absolute must play and a glimpse into the future of the PS5.

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Christopher458d ago

What an unnecessary and dumb comparison in the title.

Sciurus_vulgaris457d ago

Having played both series, in my opinion the Horizon games are very much influenced by Tomb Raider (2013). However, the two lead characters are very different.

ApocalypseShadow457d ago

Aloy is Aloy. But better. Guerrilla did that.

Thanks Sony for another high quality release.

SinisterMister457d ago

Pretty sure Lara couldn't battle dinosaur-like machines and ride a flying Sunwing.

-Foxtrot457d ago

If it was the new Lara she'd probably just whine and bitch about it

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