Edge of Eternity Review (PS5) - On The Precipice of Greatness | Finger Guns

Sean @ FG: An indie RPG with lofty ambitions, Edge of Eternity is bold yet over-ambitious. The Finger Guns review.

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KingofBandits281d ago

LOL no. I played this on game pass and thats what you should do for this game, pass on it. bad performance on a Series X for a game that looks like a 8 year old low end PC title? Horrible writing and a dick joke in the first 30 min should give you a clue how low quality this is. Plenty of other WTF moments too. The main characters mother is one, the introducing characters just to kill them off 20 min later and the story acts as if your supposed to care? LOL

ManMarmalade281d ago

Why are you so angry? Who hurt you?