Teenager killed mother, shot father because they took Halo 3 away

Daniel Petric was so angry that his father would not allow him to play the violent video game Halo 3 that he killed his mother and shot his father, then tried to make it appear to be a murder-suicide, prosecutors told a Lorain County judge this morning in the boy's murder trial.

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WANNA GET HIGH4426d ago (Edited 4426d ago )

Are u sue that is not power of green.This might explain why we have not seen him around in a while... XD

WANNA GET HIGH4426d ago (Edited 4426d ago )

Are u sure that pic is not power of green.This might explain why we have not seen him around in a while... XD


thebudgetgamer4426d ago

this kid has a history of behavior like this


Blink_444426d ago

he most likely does since his parents didnt want him to play violent games.

Panthers4426d ago

He probably kills cats for fun...

bushfan4426d ago

...he is insane!.
C'mon it's a game, just a game. there is more than that in the world!

Sarcasm4426d ago

"If tomorrow I tell the press that, like, a gang banger, will get shot, or a truckload of soldiers will be blown up, nobody panics, because it's all part of the plan. But when I say that one little old mayor will die, well then everyone loses their minds!" - The Joker

badz1494426d ago

and none disagreed even PoG himself! is that really PoG?! @budgetgamer, he should only had 1 mom he just killed her! but seriously, this guy is crazy/insane! he didn't only wiped his parents, he tried to make it as a suicide-murder situation! crazy crazy kid! RIP to the mom and may this guy die a terrible death! he's not just a disgrace to gamers, he's the disgrace of humanity!

dantesparda4426d ago

I dont understand what the shock is about, its that good (the game), lol! No but seriously, poor parents and fvcked up kid, but he will probably suffer throughout time for this (his conscience will get him)

PS3 Blu-Ray NOT dead4426d ago (Edited 4426d ago )

So in the entire year of 2008 one person was killed in relation to video games.

FACT - on average 16,800 murders are committed each year in the US.

This will be all over CNN and the news channels of course. 1 murder out of 16,800 (0.0001%) is related to video games and the press goes crazy!

How many are related to alcohol? A huge percentage but you don't see reports on CNN titled "Alcohol Violence" where they talk about how all alcohol should be banned and local wine shops should be shut down. Instead there's stuff on CNN like "Video Game causes teen to murder parents" and the host and guests talk about how video games are ruining the minds of kids/teen and the makers and distributors should be punished.

The kid was obviously psycho and would killed his parents if they took away anything he deeply cherished. But because it was a "violent" video game Bungie is to blame for his actions! Bungie brain washed him into thinking killing was right and to blame it on a murder-suicide!

The kid got the motivation from the Halo 3 level "Rats Nest" where you kill Sergeant Johnson and Commander Keyes and Cortana orders you to make it look like a murder-suicide to fool 343 Guilty Spark.

/end rant

PopEmUp4425d ago

@ above damn he sure look like POG, and come to think of it, POG disappearance of N4G have let me think twice and putting that this guy might be him

BattleAxe4425d ago

This kid has got to be mentally ill to shoot his family over such a stupid game.

DarKnight14425d ago

Wow couldnt even kill at point blank range. Seriously though things have escalated from that little kid punching his mum in the face to shooting her in the face. Whatever happened to the death penalty? all those hippies and lefties thought all ppl were good, well not even a pastors son is good. Morons like this kid ruin it for all us gamers.

Good thing he never played COD WAW, to me these "violent games" remind me how i dont want to kill ppl.

The Killer4425d ago

why his father have a gun in the first place???

i think thats the problem and that he is psycho!!

CommonSense4425d ago

i didn't know in halo 3 they show you how to kill 2 people and stage it like a murder suicide. pretty sure we get ideas like that from movies books, and TV. halo shows you (completely unrealistically) how to shoot wave after wave of aliens while your health rapidly regenerates.

bpac1234567894425d ago

They give video games a bad name. Obviously there where other problems than just the fact that the boy wasn't alowed to play his halo game. Nobody who is in any way mentally competent would shoot there mom and father in the head over a game(over anything for that matter). I would like to know what lead up to the killings other than the fact that he had severe spinal damage.

-but regardless of why he did it, he's nothing but evil.

TheCagyDies4425d ago

"Also on Monday, a tearful Mark Petric testified that his son came up behind him as he sat on the couch and said, "Would you guys close your eyes? I have a surprise for you."
Petric, 45, said he "expected a pleasant surprise" and closed his eyes. Then his head went numb. As the blood poured from a bullet wound in his head, he realized his wife, Susan Petric, 43, was lying dead on a nearby loveseat, shot in the head, arms and chest.
Petric said his son shoved the gun into his hand saying, "Hey Dad, here's your gun. Take it.""

That is scary as hell...

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Nathan Drake4426d ago (Edited 4426d ago )

" "Would you guys close your eyes,"Daniel Petric asked."I have a surprise for you."Mark Petric said he expected a pleasant surprise.The next thing he knew,his head went numb.He had been shot in the head."


Hershy9994426d ago

to get shot in the head and live?

Sarcasm4426d ago

"Is it possible
to get shot in the head and live? "

Yes, it's possible. There was a guy who got shot on one side of his head and survived. But of course he only had half of his brain left, but he still manages to do normal things everyday. Of course they had to do plastic surgery to cover up the missing part of his head. Tragic stuff.

But yes, it's possible.

badz1494426d ago

but you sure need some sort of miracle for that to happen! there were some cases people living with bullet buried in their heads.

PS3 Blu-Ray NOT dead4426d ago

There's this 100% true story of a lady who somehow fell on a pencil and it went through her ear and into her brain! She forgot it happened and didn't notice the pencil until someone told her!

It's as if her memory was erased :D

I don't know how that happens but it's 100% true! I saw it on the news.

SnprSlick4426d ago

I almost gagged when I read the old lady story.

One of my worst fears is to get in a car crash while picking my nose/ear.

GhostFaceGamer4425d ago

yes it is possible...

Max Payne survived a bullet in the head...

TheZippo4425d ago (Edited 4425d ago )


You do know that Max Payne isn't real right?

And yes it's possible to survive a bullet to the head. There was a man on my street that shot himself in the head and survived. It caused him to go blind but he survived.

jadenkorri4425d ago (Edited 4425d ago )

my mother works at the hosipital, and she took care of this man who was suicidal, he had actually shot himself in the head, woke up a couple hours later, and actually shot himself again, the 2nd shot was reported to 911, at which time he was discovered still breathing, rushed to the hosipital and 6 something hours of surgury later, the man survived and woke up....what was freaking amazing, no lasting phsyical damages, meaning paralyzed or no use of limbs and his memory was fully intact, other than some physical therapy, probably some mental too, the man walked again..

apparently max payne is real, according to the disagrees

mfwahwah4425d ago


You know he wasn't being serious, right?

And there are TONS of people who survive shots to the head. Failed suicides mostly. Also, there was a kid who got shot point blank in the ear. Went in and he got all loopy. His parents thought he was on drugs, since his friends dropped him off at home after he was at a party. Doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong at first since they were thinking it was drugs. They finally noticed a bit of blood coming from his ear.

bpac1234567894425d ago

2pac was shot in the head and he lived. infact he was shot five times the first time. of course the second time in which he was shot several times in the chest, killed him. so yah it's possible to live through a head shot and still be mentally efficient.

cowmanconor4425d ago

i heard of someone who shot himself in the head with a shotgun and lived it was a suicide attempetd but he changed his mind after he pulled the trigger

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KeiKei4426d ago

What is wrong with the people these days?

Rofflecopter4426d ago

the fanboy inside of kids takes them over...

message from George W.: buy your children all 3 systems in order to avoid being shot.

Benjamin094425d ago

Whats wrong with people these days? Why do people refer to it like there is violence was invented within the last 5 years.

Something is wrong with this kid but this is not the first or last time a child has lashed out at his parents. Remember Lizzy Borden? Hacked her dad to pieces on the couch....I doubt it had to do with Halo 3.

We just have faster ways about hearing it today, network cable news and internet.

mfwahwah4425d ago



And if you think this is all that bad, then you should look into this thing called the "Holocaust." Something was truly wrong with those people.

White-Sharingan4426d ago (Edited 4426d ago )

kids/teens these days wtf!!

:\ wonder how itll be in 20 years

"baby kills parent with his dog because they took barbie's dreamhouse away"

Heldrasil4426d ago

"baby kills parent with his dog because they took barbie's dreamhouse away"

I'd kill my parents too if I was a boy with a Barbie house.