Horizon Forbidden West – Patch 1.05

Guerrilla: "Thanks for your patience and support; we have just released the first patch for Horizon Forbidden West! Patch 1.05 fixes a number of issues and crashes that you reported. Here’s what’s been resolved, as well as what that are team is currently investigating."

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Muigi393d ago

Hopefully that next patch fixes those visual issues I’ll wait.

wwinterj393d ago

"The team is investigating with high priority, several graphical issues reported by players regarding shimmering, sharpening and screen saturation when moving the camera."

Seems like it might. It's good the team is looking into this. I have the same in resolution mode but turning off motion blur helped a little. Some folk suggested it could be my tv but as this is the only game that does it I doubt it.

lellkay393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

OLED TV players have got it hard, with lots of shimmer problems and color changing.

Luckily for me I play on a 4K monitor and I've had no real issues.

Hope this can be patched for those players ASAP though.

Sayai jin393d ago

I had the shimmer issues in my OLED and 4k monitor, but not shimmer on my 4k projector. I noticed if I reset my PS5 everytime before I play I don't experience the shimmer for a while. Anecdotal, but maybe try the reset method.

CobraKai393d ago

Man. I got a new OLED and I wanted to play Horizon 2 as soon as possible, but I think I’ll wait

TheKingKratos393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

Playing ps4 pro
there is indeed alot of "shimmering, sharpening and screen saturation when moving the camera."

I hope they fix it soon enough because the game indeed have top of the line graphics in 4k .

isarai393d ago


It's really distracting on an OLED, drove myself crazy trying to fix the blown out whites and yellows when i first got it. After seeing it WAS an issue and not just me or my setup i was a bit relieved as it can be fixed, so im waiting till it is to dive back in. Installing the update now 🤞

kthxcrayon393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

I play on OLED on PS5 and was put off by the performance mode on this game. After playing on PS5 for more than a year, this is the first game where I'm playing on resolution mode and not performance mode. But to be frank, the resolution mode is excellent and feels like the best way to experience the game. For me, the issue with the performance mode isn't just about the shimmering, but the the graphics as a whole (lighting especially!) just make the performance mode feel like playing a PS4 game at 60fps. The resolution mode on the other hand feels like a true next gen game, graphically. Of course, switching to 30fps after normalizing at 60 fps is jarring, but if you turn the motion blur to low and play for an hour, I guarantee that your brain just adapts~ it flows smoothly and looks amazing!

So I'd recommend not waiting for a fix ~ just swap to resolution mode and start enjoying :)

CobraKai392d ago


Oh so the shimmering/sharpening issue is just in performance mode? I thought it was both. I had no intention on playing performance mode as I prefer the increased detail from resolution over 60 FPS. If this is the case, Horizon, here I come.

mkis007392d ago (Edited 392d ago )

This patch alleviated some of the over sharpening on foliage in 60fps mode. Much better now.

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rpvenom393d ago

Yeah, it's unfortunate.. the game is great. Slow start but once I got deeper I couldn't put it down. However me being a graphic whore.. I definitely notice those visual glitches and shimmer which really bug me. So I just hopped on destiny 2 witch queen with friends for now until this is resolved.. really want to get back in though

dumahim393d ago

The edge glow that characters have in cutscenes is a big distraction for me. Lighting the character from non-existent light sources is fine, but the edges of the character being white is just too much.

kthxcrayon393d ago

haha totally agree. Horizon is by far the worst offender for 'perfect key lighting' on characters that I've ever seen~ and the first game was just as bad. The characters are always photo-studio-perfect lit with key lighting, in a way that makes them obviously feel out of place from the world. Personally, I actually quite enjoy it in the cut scenes and find it much more immersion-breaking when I'm just running around the world, obviously being followed by an invisible (and perfect) studio lighting set up lol

kayoss392d ago (Edited 392d ago )

Im about 20 hours in and i noticed a few "pop ins" here and there. I mean nothing that would break the game. But sometimes it causes me to suddenly dodge because I think that there's an enemy that I've missed.

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EvertonFC393d ago

The only glitch I've had so far (50plus hrs) is falling through the ladders and map while climbing up a radar tower.
Other than that it sounds like I've been lucky so far.

mattyhaxxx2389d ago

The game just came out. 50 hours. Geez

EvertonFC388d ago

At 60% completion atm 😊

Silly Mammo393d ago

I've really just started but I did see a minor glitch when Aloy's hair went crazy during a cut scene.

dumahim393d ago

Yeah, I had one scene where the hair was just going nuts all over the place.
I do wish they'd make some other tweaks because it just feels like the hair has no friction and just floats and slides across her shoulders too easily.

mattyhaxxx2393d ago

It only crashed for me once I got an error message on ps4

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