Horizon Forbidden West: Developers Working on Fixing 'Various Visual Issues'

Horizon Forbidden West developer Guerrilla Games is currently collecting community feedback and working to address "various visual issues" in the game.

EvertonFC586d ago

I had one today, the frame rate went to 10fps ish and stayed that way for about half an hour as I was mid puzzle and didn't want to lose my save. Thankfully I finally got to a campfire lol and didna reboot.

isarai586d ago

Yeah mine did the same, but i stuck it out for a while cause i was mid quest, it got soooo much worse 😅. Was actually kinda funny.

EvertonFC586d ago (Edited 586d ago )

Same was your bit getting the vine tool objective.
My whole game tbh has been perfect so I guess it was to do with the 1.05 update?

UnSelf586d ago

Same. Mine occurred at a bandit camp and lasted for over an hour and i had to fight a boss lol.

LonDonE586d ago (Edited 586d ago )

Same, mine happen when i came to a waterfall, was a huge nice water fall and then a battle occurs near it and bam fps goes dead.
Had to restart to get rid of it.

Also i cannot play in resolution mode as when i activate fps goes to single digits and stutters like hell.
Even tried a reboot after changing but nope.
And i have also had the visual shimmering bug and excessive sharpness glitch.
Sometimes the aliasing can look really bad too but regardless i love the game. Is incredible and looks and plays incredible.
I have faith gorilla will sort the issues.
I am 41hrs in and adore this game..
I love hunting the machines and the depth with each one.
The deep mechanics as to killing each machine the most optimal way is addictive.
Guerilla need to be commended for the sheer size, detail and animations of the machines.

isarai586d ago

I was doing the first set of salvage contracts, but it started while gliding down from a vary tall Carja watchtower, the ones you get the lenses from. This was before the update 1.05

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Knushwood Butt585d ago

I've had the frame rate issue once on PS5. Had it prior to the 1.05 patch
Have played about 30 hours so far.

Aussiesummer586d ago

How about finding a way to do 60 fps at 4k, tah.

jznrpg586d ago

4K is a waste of resources and totally unnecessary for any platform

SurgicalMenace586d ago

I would love to see 4k/60 as the standard along with effects in games that go beyond resolution. Fog, steam, reflective ripple effects, realistic skin representation, etc.

Aussiesummer585d ago

Aw don't own a 4k TV yet hey, poor thing.

Army_of_Darkness586d ago

There is a way... It's called next Gen PS6 😉

Imortus_san586d ago

This game looks like Days Bug 2, it will take some time to fix everything.

jznrpg586d ago

Not even close , Days Gone had bigger issues most of the stuff is small in Forbidden West and hasn’t bothered me one bit . I’ve played for close to 27 hours and the last patch fixed the minor pop in which is the one thing that I noticed the most . There are small small dots glowing sometimes in dark caves I assume from sunlight coming in and maybe another factor but it’s minor imo . I haven’t crashed at all but I’ve read some people have. It’s a well polished game overall but not perfect .

MrNinosan586d ago

Days Gone was buggy BEFORE release.
Hotizon FW doesn't have more bugs than any other openworld game.
Only difference is that HFW is an exclusive, highly anticipated game where everyone who doesn't tend to play it will find issues.

Just look and listen to Elden Ring reviews. Every single person has issues with framerates, pop-ins etc. but few are mentioning them nor abducting points, but in HFW points were abducted by many outlets just because of pop-ins...

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dumahim586d ago

I was seeing a lot more subtle color tone shifts during cutscenes since the patch. It's almost unnoticeable, but it's like the color warmth shifts back and forth all the time. Sorry if you can't unsee it once you've seen it.
I think one of things mentioned in the article is light blooming. I've seen it from launch where I might be climbing a wall in a cave with the grab points highlighted in yellow. Once I climb into a spot where there's some sunlight coming in, the yellow highlights become SUPER bright and glowy. Game crashed on me yesterday too, kind of bummed about that.

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