Is There Even A Place For Dead Island 2?

Rumours have begun swirling that Dead Island 2 could launch within the next year, but is there a place for gaming's latest white whale?

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CBaoth343d ago

If it turns out good, exactly. Not a big fan of the developer though. Think the last game they did was Homefront 2. I'd have a lot less reluctance if Deep Silver had Violition working on it after Saint's Row. Hope they announce a new Red Faction a la Guerilla after Saints. Still the best destruction

LordoftheCritics343d ago

There's always a place for a good game.

Unless you pull an EA Titanfall 2 move.

jznrpg343d ago

If it’s pretty good or better of course there is .

plmkoh343d ago

Who would deny the chance to play something that could be good.

Profchaos343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Pretty sure it's vaporware at this point.

What we know from the past decade of leaks and rumours summed up is.

It's so heavily rooted in game design from early last gen like no story or missions/ player direction the world was going to tell the story

The original team has long since moved on with many of them leaving to work on dying light.

it was scrapped and restarted multiple times and not well received by testers because of the bore factor.

No publisher can fully commit to it and it's changed hands so many times.

Leaked footage failed to impress anyone

In 2010 zombies were in style but now but so much even if this game releases I don't think it will be well received. It seems more like a hey we've lost so much money on this over time let's just launch it regardless of the state it's in and recoup something

RavenWolfx343d ago

I think there is a place for it since the characters have their own special abilities, so it gives it a different flavor as opposed to Dying Light.

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