Exclusive: Hideo Kojima talks METAL GEAR SOLID Movie

Collider writes: "Earlier tonight I was on the red carpet of the Video Game Awards and I landed a bunch of interviews with some cool people. In the next day or so I'll have all of them online…but since I landed an interview with Hideo Kojima…I figured that's the one I should post first. For those not familiar with Hideo's name, he's the creator of the extremely popular series Metal Gear Solid.

While I'm sure many of you out there would have some great questions for Hideo on the MGS series and why he chose to have certain things happen to the various characters, since I run a movie site…I decided to focus my limited time on the still being developed Metal Gear Solid movie and what's the status."

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Talk about mgs5 not a mgs movie... :(

Xandet5217d ago

I'm just satisfied in knowing he'll be as involved as he can with the project. With his brain behind the MGS movie, at least we know when (or if) it comes out that it'll be worth admission.

As for MGS5, he does mention he's thinking about having a new Metal Gear game around the film's release! There's something to get excited about if it actually comes to fruition..

va_bank5217d ago

Kojima needs to get it out of his system - he's been talking about making movies for a while. I loved MGS4, but I would gladly trade a few hours of cutscenes for a few more hours of gameplay.

Kojima is a brilliant (if not the MOST brilliant) game designer, but I don't think he will succeed at making movies. And if he fails, we'll be happy to have him back, making games.

Panthers5217d ago

If they make a movie, I hope they follow the story line of the first MGS, or MGS3. I hate when they come up with new stories. I mean they didnt do that for LoTR. They never do that with books. Why do it with games?

hay5217d ago

I'm deeply intrigued by this movie-game hybrid they were talking about. Snatcher was one of the best games I ever played and it was more like a interactive story than a game to be precise. Can't wait to see what Kojima-san will brew.

Elimin85217d ago (Edited 5217d ago )

If you listened, he said he won't be directing but will be involved extensively or as close as possible to make sure it's Metal Gear. And if there is any indication that his input will be very well implemented just look no further than the cutscenes of MGS 4. everyone raved about it being movie quality story and cutscene wise. Even I. I think it will be good, but I think they should go animation computer or otherwise, because I can't visualize any actor today that can pull off the Snake look let alone voice. ...... BTW Looking forward to whatever game he is working on at the moment.

Violater5217d ago

Don't sleep on Kojima, he understood everything that the interviewer was saying and could have answered in English.
He is such a humble, cool and relaxed dev.

jaysquared5217d ago

Didn't the movie come out already in MGS4? hhehe

va_bank5217d ago

"just look no further than the cutscenes of MGS 4"

The cutscenes in MGS4 is exactly WHY I said what I said. They were drawn out to the point where the converstions became so long, that you would forget what was said earlier. They could have been condensed by 20-30%, in my opinion. It's fine to have them in a game where your experience can last from 10 to 40 hours, but in a movie when you have to fit everything into 2-3 hours, you have to express yourself a bit more concisely.

PotNoodle5217d ago

Most likely just writing scripts for it and just plotting out the general plan for the film, everything inbetween will most likely done by professionals.

Enigma_20995217d ago

At this rate, we're never gonna see what else he has planned... everybody wants to see anothe Metal Gear Solid.... Snake's story is done. I'm satisfied... let's see what else he can pull off...

PS3 Zone of the Enders, anyone?

Light Yagami5217d ago

I thought MGS4 was a movie? The controller spent the whole time on my lap.

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belal5217d ago

he is working on a game :D

ZONE OF ENDERS 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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TheColbertinator5217d ago

I wish he was making it.MGS1 is one of my favorite movies

George Sears5217d ago

I know that your comment was made to be taken lightly but MGS really didn't have that much cut scenes. MGS2 was so so on the cutscene department, there were more Codec conversations than anything. I'll say that MGS3 was the one that started giving us a lot of cut scenes but they weren't as long as MGS4 though. MGS3 had there moments but MGS4 has a lot more long cutscenes compared to the rest.

Zolin5217d ago

I hope the movie turns out good not like the other game movies that sucked ( doom , street fighter , and i cant think of more).

solsub5217d ago

I'm with you on that. I'm a bit more confident now that we're guaranteed Kojima's involvement in the project.

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