A Change in the Japanese hardware market?

Nintendo and Sony have always dominated the hardware sales market in Japan, but is this the start of a change?

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ABizzel1579d ago (Edited 579d ago )

That was a lot to say that Xbox has a good week in JP, while PS had a slow week, but PS5 has sold 1.3m consoles, meanwhile Series consoles have sold around 140k, nearly 10:1 lead.

It means the Series consoles are receiving much more praise this generation in comparison to the AWFUL XBO generation they had. The Series Consoles are what people expected after the success of the 360, so there is more good faith in Xbox with all the acquisitions, good hardware, and value options and services.

Once more big AAA Japanese games launch then the PS5 will take off again (Elden Ring, and I wouldn't be surprised if there is a PS5 restock this week), as well as, when the PS5 slim releases with a lower price, and possibly a smaller form factor.

As for the Series consoles, their next goal should be selling 4x as many consoles to surpass the Original Xbox sales in JP, and 11x their current number to surpass the 360 and make the Series consoles the best selling Xbox ever in Japan. So they need to increase their units sold drastically

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glennhkboy579d ago

Elden Ring is a multi-platform game. Japanese Series S owner can also play that. GT7 will be a batter example. On the other hand, GT7 can also be played on PS4, so GT7 itself may not affect the overall PS5 sales that much.

ABizzel1579d ago

Elden Ring is a prime example, because regardless of what it's also on, it's going to sell SIGNFICANTLY more on PS hardware globally, and would be a console seller for PS. We're in a time where adoption rate is transitioning from the older consoles. Many of these games are cross-gen, yet the PS5 version is still consistently the better selling version when it's only 1/6th of the PS4s install base.

notachance579d ago

PS5 only sold that much because there's a severe stock issues, people need to take lotteries to even have the chance to buy a PS5 unless they buy from scalpers.

blackblades579d ago

I just wanna know when will the stock issue will be solved. It's been 1+ years

notachance579d ago

@blackblades until the global chip shortage ended. it's not just consoles, many electronics also suffer from the same issues from tvs, cameras, gpus, even cars

fr0sty579d ago

This article is grasping at straws, lol. Desperate for a "win" (if you want to call a multi-billion dollar company making money you'll never see a dime of a "win") over there, I guess.

Mopes579d ago

I think Xbox's goal should be reaching more of the SE Asian audiences. This is the way they could get ahead of Sony and Nintendo (obviously just on the cloud side of things) is by getting a working cloud gaming business out there. That is what they have currently that is unique over Sony and Nintendo. Getting a good lead before Sony and Nintendo act would be important for them and would probably see their hardware presence increase moving forward too.

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ApocalypseShadow579d ago

Wishful thinking on the article writer's part because of a lack of hardware availability. Worldwide, the gap would be much larger between the two if Sony had more hardware made and available to sell. That includes Japan.

Taking one day, week or month out of entire quarter or year is not an accurate barometer. It needs to be consistent to say there was a change in Japan towards greener pastures.

glennhkboy579d ago

This trend is already quite consistent for over 6 months now. Series S has been selling close to or even surpass the PS5. In Japan, small form factor IS VERY IMPORTENT.

GamingSinceForever579d ago

You cannot find a PS5 or Series X on store shelves, so the Series S outselling anything is purely by default. You can walk into about any store and find a series S. Why? It’s because in reality not many people want one.

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OB1Biker578d ago

‘Series S has been selling close to or even surpass the PS5. ‘
That’s got to be one of the shameless lies I’ve ever seen and some people agree with it.

REDDURT579d ago

The American media and Xbox fanboys have been trying to convince the public that Xbox is the console to have but it’s not working because they have the same problem they always have.

porkChop579d ago

Eh... The Series consoles are selling very well compared to previous generations. However they aren't going to overtake PS or Nintendo in the region.

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Godmars290579d ago

Yes. Way from consoles towards mobile. Been happening for years.

Not going to say since HD's introduction, what chasing after that dragon did in general to the market there and elsewhere, but...

talocaca579d ago

As a Tokyo resident, I constantly see Series S stock (I actually bought one a few months back just because they've had it in stock).

However, getting a PS5 around here remains IMPOSSIBLE. I was lucky enough to get an Amazon preorder, but otherwise the only way to get one around here is by entering a Lottery (all retailers have them) and the possibility if actually winning is usually under 5%.

blackblades579d ago

The series s always instock everywhere to be honest. The series s is the one more people want and hard to get.

lonewolf10579d ago

What about SeriesX, many of them up for grabs?