Street Fighter 6 Announced. More Info Coming Summer 2022

It's official: Street Fighter 6 is in development!

Brazz651d ago

My God, i'm hyped as fuck, New SF!!

BigBosss651d ago

Game looks really good especially since its running on the new RE engine

Army_of_Darkness651d ago

New Gen, new street fighter! Exciting to see that the art style has changed.

Michiel1989651d ago

is there any gameplay shown yet?

darthv72651d ago

I can see they are going with the Tekken style that they worked on for SF x Tekken.

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CorndogBurglar651d ago

Hopefully they don't pull the same nonsense at launch as they did with SF5.

Orchard651d ago

Dang, finally! Heck yeah.

The collection they announced looks pretty good too!

BigBosss651d ago

I know right and I am happy that is has online play functionality :)

Orchard651d ago (Edited 651d ago )

100% agree. I will totally get my ass handed to me, but it’ll be fun none the less :p

RedDevils651d ago

Gonna finally get streetfighter collection.

Orchard651d ago (Edited 651d ago )

Based on what I’ve heard I’m going to go on the record here saying it WILL come to Xbox (but not exclusively). Bookmark this comment - I will eat my hat and lots of crow if wrong :p

I’ll likely keep playing it on PS though. Don’t have a recent Xbox and I think my fight stick may work on PS5. As for PC, too many cheaters.

I do wonder if we’ll see a Switch version though - have we seen any RE engine games on Switch? Just MHR i guess.

Old McGroin651d ago

@ RaidenBlack

He say "imo" at the end, it's just his opinion, not an actual rumour.

GhostofHorizon651d ago (Edited 651d ago )

It would line up with some of the rumours that Colin has been talking about recently. In the podcast he mentions that the marketing budget for 2022 is a lot bigger thanks to an exclusive AAA game which I suspect would be Street Fighter.

Playstation clearly wants to get into the eSports space with their purchase of EVO and the work they have been doing on tournament support on a console level. It might be in their best interest to secure the Street Fighter franchise to Playstation consoles like they did with the main line Final Fantasy titles.

We'll just have to wait an see, let's just hope the game actually comes out in a good state as opposed to SFV.

"To this end, during a recent episode of Sacred Symbols, PlayStation insider and former IGN journalist, Colin Moriarty, relayed word that he's heard Sony marketing is anticipating a substantial increase in spending this year, which points towards evidence of some major reveals and announcements in addition to all the marketing planned for its 2022 releases. Adding to this, Moriarty claims he's heard that PlayStation has secured another major AAA third-party exclusive that has yet to be revealed. What this game is, Moriarity doesn't say. In fact, he confirms he doesn't know what the game is, but he does note that there are currently rumors that PlayStation has secured some type of exclusivity for the new BioShock game currently in development at Cloud Chamber."

"PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan announced that the competitive esports-focused feature PlayStation Tournaments will be released for the PS5 later in 2022."

CBaoth651d ago

no way SF6 is exclusive to Xbox unless they buy Capcom. SF5 proved they don't need MS. Let's dispel that idiotic notion. As for coming to the console absolutely that could happen. Of course I'm sure Capcom looks on nervously when the new KOF sold about 80% on PS this past week. Another genre you Xbox guys apparently don't buy. I'm sure Cappy's loving it. That rising GP paycheck gonna soon outweigh Sony's exclusivity check

Atom666651d ago

It's Street Fighter. Capcom isn't nervous about putting it anywhere, because it'll sell everywhere. SFIV's sales on 360 show you that.

If it's exclusive, it's because they took a fat check from someone. And despite Capcom repeatedly posting record-breaking profits for years, we'll have to listen to console warriors argue about how Sony/MS "helped" get the game made.

Biggest fighter on the planet should be on everything.

Orchard650d ago

It’s not going to be exclusive nor is it going to be game pass or anything like that. It will be a fully priced Xbox game.

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GoodGuy09651d ago (Edited 651d ago )

About damn time. Lets hope they do a good job with this one this time. I fear theyre gunna treat it as a games as a service with many dlc characters and hundreds of costumes though.

Z501651d ago

We need less Darkstalkers and more Rival Schools, Power Stone, Marvel Super Heroes and Children of the Atom.