Soul Calibur IV Exclusively to the 360? is reporting a rumor that Namco may deliver the fourth version of Soul Calibur exclusively to the 360. Now the site doesn't seem to mention a source, so this is for now a rumor with a big R.

bernie6192d ago

I still play Soul Caliber on my dreamcast, having the latest version on my 360 as well would be fantastic, come on Microsoft make it happen!

billybob6191d ago

i thought i sucked when SC3 dident come to xbox and was a ps2 only,now namco wants my money? no thanks, by the time this game comes out i will probaly have DOA5.

silent ninja6191d ago

the xbox 360 lacks in the fighting genre so any fighting game is welcome

The Real Deal6191d ago

Game Developers want the 360 to succeed. Its smart business for them. If they can sell more games on the 360 it will benefit them. Its 35 to 40 percent cheaper to develope for the 360 than the ps3. So the profit margin is a lot higher for developers for the 360. Its simple math and I love the 360's odds...And I love Soul Caliber and the 360 does need a few more fighters. Its a good time to be a gamer.

shotty6191d ago

I like this game, I had it for ps1. Wasn't it the game where you kill someone and then suck up their souls.

lilgringo6191d ago

I believe it's Legacy of Kain ur thinking of. This is Soul Calibur, a fighting game like tekken, DOA and such

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