Sony Needs to Differentiate Its State of Plays From Nintendo Directs

Sony's State of Play events are too unoriginal to those familiar with Nintendo Direct presentations.

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blackblades471d ago

Wow this got approved before digital foundry video that been pending longer. Let's talk about the State of N4g.

Profchaos471d ago

Yeah I think pending stories would be shown at the top of the page maybe Ina separate bar for logged in users.

MrDead471d ago

Might not be the best thing to criticise n4g approvers they banned me from commenting for a number of days for calling them out on their bs. They fast tracked approved a low scoring review that couldn't be accessed before it was approved and didn't fix the issue for 7 hours after it was approved, so they banned me said I was spamming for calling them out on approving something that couldn't even be read.

GhostofHorizon471d ago

You call out the wrong people on this site and you get a ban, this is nothing new.

Army_of_Darkness471d ago

Yeah like who cares about differentiating whatever, I just care about seeing the gameplay!

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porkChop471d ago

Why? People like Nintendo Direct's for a reason. The formula works. To be honest, I hope Xbox adopts a similar approach as well.

Flawlessmic471d ago

Its a presentation of games as long as they show me games who cares how its presented lol.

They coyld literally just play a roll of games and not have one person speaking and i would be happy

RickRoland471d ago

Except they don’t need to change anything.

Shadowsteal471d ago

They honestly don't. State of Plays aren't designed to complete with Nintendo directs. They're designed to provide updates to Playstation gamers.

Crows90471d ago

Just like Nintendo directs are designed as updates for switch owners.

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