"We beat the Wii," boasts DICE winners Epic

A triumphant Epic Games has swept the AIAS Awards, boasting that the company beat the Nintendo Wii for recognition by games industry peers. The company won eight awards, including Overall Game of the Year and Console Game of the Year, beating off rival titles The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Wii Sports and Eldar Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

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DC RID3R4905d ago (Edited 4905d ago )

ago, that "next-gen" starts when EPIC said SO!!

props goes out to the whole epic squad; Rein, cliffy B etc!

only a FOOL couldn't see this coming!!!

Now watch ALL major devs start jumpin on EPICS d*ck for teh UNREAL3!!!

it's COLE baby!!!!


Xtrm L1481L1TY4905d ago (Edited 4905d ago )

I'm sure this award is the big daddy of all awards. I know Zelda TP won more 'game of the year' awards than Gears of War throughout the the net of half ass meaningless awards. We still have G4TV's G-Phoria awards (where millions of gamers vote instead of a handful of nerd critics) where Zelda TP and Gears will also go head to head (it's obvious Gears will take this home as well). This is great news for Epic and well deserved award. Can't stop the Cole train baby!

Go 360 games taking GOTY. Expect the 2007 GOTY award to go to Halo 3 just as the first two Halo's did. Oh hell yes!

Ravenator5294905d ago

Wii Sports made me say "Wow, This is fun!"

GOW made me say "HOLY SH1T! I can't believe this is a game!"

Lex Luthor4905d ago

How many awards is resistance fall of man up for?

PS360PCROCKS4905d ago

Haha I saw this coming from a mile away it's obvious the game rocks...oh and surprised no one mentioned the quote about UT. OoO baby "Fuc*ing knock your socks off" oh i'm ready Epic, bring it...

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