Uncharted 2 Direct Feed Screens

jiggle from NeoGAF has posted new direct feed screens for the upcoming PS3 exclusive Uncharted 2.

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shingo4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )



CloudsEnd4731d ago

Holy sh.t, Best Graphics 2009, and maybe, GOTY 2009. O_o

shingo4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

I guess these screens confirm a South America setting at least.

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Cwalat4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

Shingo... it's East Asia.

edit: down below.. shingo

yeah, but that's just NaughtyDog crew being funny and messing with you.. :P it's named like that after the last game...

shingo4731d ago

It says "Hotel El Dorado" in one of the screens, that's why I thought South America.

Socom4731d ago

Uncharted for the fking WIN.

Uncharted is one of the best PS3 exclusives and Uncharted 2 is set to deliver YET AGAIN.

Uncharted 2 will look 3 times as good as Uncharted 1 and seeing how Uncharted 1 is still one of the best looking games out there, people should be very afraid indeed.

PS3 only.

thor4731d ago

Apparently it follows in the footsteps of the adventures of Marco Polo - so look him up and you'll get an idea of where Drake will be headed ;)

Danja4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

wow this game looks outta this world...damn Naughty Dog....has exceeded my expectations

thewhoopimen4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

Hands down one of the most gorgeous games I've seen. Unquestionably better than anything i've seen one the 360 console.

@Thor... that would mean Nathan is going to China.
Marco Polo didn't go through the himalayas though. He went through the silk road to China.

hay4731d ago

I'm gonna wank myself to death once I put the game in my console. Level of detail and color depth are simply incredible.

INehalemEXI4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

It looks great but Im not going to call it GOTY 09 if it does not have Co op, and/or online. Theres stiff competition in 09 and with out at least 1 of those things I with hold my GOTY vote.

marinelife94731d ago

Where da Heck is Elena? I was just about to kiss her at the end of the first one when Sully pulled up and C*ck Blocked me!

gambare4731d ago

a must buy, those screen revealed a huge improvement, a leap of graphic quality besides the first uncharted, and the first one is still one of the most beautiful games I have seen, even on PC

Danja4731d ago

Uncharted 2 doesn't need online play , I dont see how it would fit into the gameplay..

I would prefer 2 player co-op

Matsuiichi4731d ago

Hey, it doesn't necessarily mean that he's going to China. While a good majority of his travels are documented from China, afterwards, he visited Sri Lanka, Sumatra, and India.

In addition to the first trailer's inclusion of a Phurba (the dagger in the snow) a ritual item of Tibetan Buddhist culture, in addition to the snow, the high mountains, and the lack of Asian people in the screenshots, it would suggest that the large majority of the game will take place in India and the Himalayas.

That said, it could really be anywhere in his journey home. The other boats in his fleet could have gotten "lost" anywhere between China and Italy, it just seems that the evidence suggests that the story of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves will take place mostly in India and Tibet.

(However, the Communist-style military wear is confusing, I'll definitely give you that much. XD)

Baba19064731d ago

its not only about the grafics if u think of how cool the gameplay was in the first one. i cant wait =D. this will rock my world

thewhoopimen4731d ago

Thanks for the heads up Matsuiichi. If I knew there was a lurking history buff somewhere, I shouldn't have simplified his travels to his "highlight" designation :P

fanboi hater4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

These just look incredible. Defiantly one of the best looking games ever, but i still can't decide whether or not it looks better than killzone 2. Their art styles are just so different but they're both INSANE (Killzone 2 probably 1ups it in lighting and crispness as of now). Hell why am i comparing when I can have both. I can't wait to get this game. I also love the fact that u can have a shield now. ahhh i can't wait any longer ... time to freeze myself.

PS3 games are becoming more and more incredible and b/c of it i'm going to be broke as hell next year. oh well for games like this its worth it.

i agree but as for your comment about the communist outfits if you think about it its not that surprising. He didn't fight the natives in 1 not that there were any, and i assume he'll be fighting an opposing faction again. In this case would I guess that they may be russian.

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Gamingisfornerds4731d ago

Wow, just wow! I wasn't too impressed with uncharted 1, but this is just amazing!

Liquid Dust4731d ago

and holy crap you can use a shield, 11th from top

Visuals are just mindblowing

Mainman4731d ago

I think he is in Nepal.

loadedscorpion4731d ago

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!

PS3 exclusives really show what it is capable of. F**K the multiplatform dev's that are forced to gimp down PS3 versions due to sh*tty 360. And then all the media goes on comparing the multiplatform crap thumping victory for 360.

Show me ONE exclusive 360 game that is better than any PS3 exclusive in terms of graphics and audio. (Gears does not count since PS3 UT3 already shows it can do it)


Oner4731d ago

Anyone seen the usual uninformed & biased trolls around? You all know which ones I mean...I wonder why they aren't saying anything ;)

nix4731d ago

i know it because i'm from there. the buildings and roads are narrow. but yeah.. it's not so destroyed! lol.

and look...

ultimolu4731d ago



Just when I thought Uncharted was one of the best games I have ever laid my eyes on, Uncharted 2 has me drooling already.

na2ru14730d ago

"bu bu but teh cell"

what about it hmm?
what about teh easy to develop console?
what about teh 512mb?
what about teh super fast DVD?

Yipee Bog4730d ago

I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with the game even further, like animations and combat system

wildcat4730d ago

Drake looking sexy as always. :D

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Nathan Drake4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

O_O O_O !!!!!

kharma454731d ago

Sweet Jesus! :O This game looks unreal :D

Naughty Dog, omg!

DrakenSilverwing4731d ago

Holy %#@#... My God!... what else can i say.. i was expecting good but... WOW!! not like this.. and its just goin to be better by the time its done!!!

CaptainHowdy4731d ago

this wait is gonna be painful!!!

I can already see they've picked the douchey looking villain...and i already loathe him lol Damn i love uncharted!!!

Liquid Dust4731d ago god

I was a little bummed at the trailer's length last night, but these screenshots make my day

pain777pas4731d ago

That's what I call impressive.

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Nathan Drake4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

O_O O_O O_O O_O O_O O_O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kharma454731d ago

I actually can't believe how good this game looks! :O

morganfell4731d ago

The best adventure game ever gets a sequel that would blind Superman.

iistuii4731d ago

How can a so called best adventure game be so good when every tiny puzzle or jump you were shown where to go, the shooting was awful and ppppppplease the jaggies on the so called great graphics........Have you lot never heard of AA, or should i say has sony

thewhoopimen4731d ago

Eat your heart out fanboy.

morganfell4731d ago

No. You are wrong. Being shown where to go was what they did when they ruined Perfect Dark Zero. Of course that was the least of the errors in damning that game. Had they blueprinted one of the Greg Rucka books they would have been fine.

No your remarks are obviously just one of the other jealous and bitter foxes looking at the sour grapes. There is little sense in discussing matters with you further. That is why I am glad I have an ignore button on this site for people like you.

cliffbo4731d ago

do you know how stupid that comment just made you look?

y0haN4731d ago


You're an obvious troll but I'll reply anyway.

The image he quoted isn't noticbly aliased whatsoever. In fact, neither are any of these. You're just an idiot. Good day sir.

King_many_layers4731d ago

sure it could have benefited from some AA, but that sure doesn't take away from the facts that the game had/ still has the best lighting engine on a console. Not to mention have you seen the way textures react to the light ??

NO, I highly doubt it, because you're not going to look for plusses in what is one of the best single player experiences.

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Mr PS34731d ago

Cliffy B Just Broke Down Cryin in his local Gay Bar or should i say Gray Bar

The BoTs Wont Believe thier eyes
A Game with Detail and Color and And an Improvement in the Graphics Dept (Unlike Gears of Grey)
How Can the PS3 be Doomed
When Game's Like KillZone 2,GoW 3 and Among Thieve's are Coming Next Year
Never Mind BoTs you got GOTY GTA4 DLC to look forward too

PotNoodle4731d ago

We know games now matter little in a consoles success, look at the dreamcast - that had all the best games while the PS2 had nothing for the first two years or so but that still failed.

LarVanian4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

PS2 had nothing for its first two years?
Where the hell where you those two years?
Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
Devil May Cry
Deus Ex
WWF: Smackdown: Just bring it
Metal Gear Solid 2
Final Fantasy 10

You call those games "nothing"?

na2ru14730d ago

So effectively you mean the 360 is the PS2 no games?

Wait a sec! What the hell do you even mean? PS2 was loaded with games just as PS3 and 360 are.