Atlus Teases Reveal Related to "Soul Hackers" Next Week

Atlus opened a teaser website for what appears to be a new announcement coming next week, and it appears to be related to Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers.

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CrimsonWing69352d ago

Omg, please be an actual next-gen sequel!!!

Loktai352d ago

Any-gen sequel would be fine with me. Its such a sick aesthetic.

Reibooi352d ago

Soul Hackers is so underrated I would love to see ATLUS attack a game like that with modern visuals and what not but really anything Soul Hackers related would be incredible.

I just hope to god it isn't a friggin mobile game.

CrimsonWing69352d ago

Please don’t even speak that into existence, lol.

curtain_swoosh352d ago

please no mobile game.

a remake of the game would be more than fine. but please make it multi plat.