What developer acquisitions should Nintendo consider?

Nintendo probably won't get involved with acquisitions to compete with Microsoft or Sony. But, if it did, which companies would it buy?

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-Hermit-96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

Hopefully none. I would hate any studio to be stuck making games for Nintendo hardware. Not just because their hardware is weak, but because I would hate games being exclusive to their consoles. I would never play a game made by these studios ever again.

Neonridr95d ago

the tears from this post are almost laughable.

ABizzel195d ago

While his comment is fanboyish, I do understand one of his points and that's if Nintendo happens to obtain a developer or publisher that has worked across "higher end platforms" and are now forced to work on lower-end hardware. That would be an issue for a lot of talent, it's fun to do a single project within a limited scope, but when you're forced for every project to follow that limited scope the fun quickly become misery.

Seeing someone like a Capcom or Square for example being stuck on Nintendo with things like Resident Evil or Final Fantasy after seeing where they're at on SX and PS5 would be a downgrade technologically in every way outside of the gimmick / key feature Nintendo's next platform has.

If there's a publisher war in Japan, the only one that I think makes sense for Nintendo is Sega, as both companies fit within the same realm of content creation. Like Nintendo Sega has a mascot (Sonic), both typically focusing on artstyle over high-end graphics, Sega has several RPGs an area that Nintendo often partners with, and Sega can provide Nintendo with a franchise they can use as a graphics realism benchmark in Yakuza to push their hardware. PS fans would be upset losing Atlus and Persona, but would you rather have Atlus or Capcom / Namco Bandi / From Software / etc...

Neonridr95d ago

@ABizzel1 - the double standards are ridiculous though. I guarantee the same person wouldn't care if Sony or MS bought them. But it's unacceptable for Nintendo to do so.

That was my reason for laughing at the post. Sure, Nintendo hasn't pushed the envelope since the N64 in terms of raw specs. That doesn't mean we may never see that again.

I don't think Nintendo has any plans of purchasing a large company anyways. They are better off targeting smaller studios like Next Level Games (Luigi's Mansion), MercurySteam (Metroid Dread) or Shin'en (Fast Racing Series) and adding them to the team to ensure more high quality content is in the works.

-Hermit-95d ago (Edited 95d ago )


What tears? I don't buy Nintendo consoles, or any console anymore, so from my own perspective, what benefit would I get from any of these studios being bought by Nintendo?


It's not fanboyish at all. If anything, it's the fanboys that would want Nintendo to buy out a studio like Sega, Capcom or Square Enix. How does it benefit any of us to see big multiplatform studios like this become exclusive to one companies hardware?


"the double standards are ridiculous though. I guarantee the same person wouldn't care if Sony or MS bought them. But it's unacceptable for Nintendo to do so."

I would be against Sony or Microsoft buying any of these studios too. I would rather they stay as they were. If it were to happen though, Nintendo would be by far the worst because there would be no chance to play these games on anything but Nintendo's hardware.

Neonridr95d ago

@Hermit - I didn't realize you speak on behalf of all gamers as to who benefits from what. I have a gaming PC, a PS5 and a Switch. I don't limit my opportunities. I don't agree with anyone buying studios, gamers as a whole should be able to enjoy stuff wherever they play. Nintendo's strategy isn't the same as Sony and MS though, so I would never see them buying up anything minus some smaller developers who have a history of working closely with Nintendo.

-Hermit-95d ago

I didn't speak on behalf of anybody, I asked how it would benefit anybody to have any game made from the likes of Capcom or Sega be exclusive to Nintendo hardware. I'm asking, not speaking on behalf of.

"I have a gaming PC, a PS5 and a Switch. I don't limit my opportunities."

What you see as more opportunities isn't the same for everybody else. From my own perspective, this kind of deal would have the opposite effect on me. It wouldn't open up more opportunities for me, it would limit them. It would limit them because I would be locked into a system I personally don't get much enjoyment out of. It would take away from what I consider to be a much better gaming experience.

Neonridr95d ago

@Hermit - yeah I got it from your very first post that you don't play Nintendo hardware, specifically the Switch. upwards of 100 million people do however.

I understand your points and I agree with them. I just found it a little funny when it's like "Not Nintendo, anyone but them", like they don't deserve to buy anyone.

Elda95d ago

Hermit & ABizzel make good points. Why would a studio that has a history of developing games with high-end graphics & resolution be stuck on one platform that would basically have to develop games on low-end hardware. If Nintendo were to make acquisitions hopefully it's developers that Nintendo has had a good history with far as developers that have made exclusives for their platform.

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Godmars29095d ago

So great they're begging MS to finish their dragon game if not buy them outright?

Atom66695d ago

Wouldn't be too concerned. Nintendo is very selective on acquisitions. If they do add anyone, chances are high that they only make Nintendo and/or mobile content as it is.

S2Killinit95d ago

Did you feel the same way when others did it?

curtain_swoosh95d ago

yea exclusivity sucks. especially when 3rd party devs do it.

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porkChop96d ago

Camelot. They basically only make games with Nintendo these days, so they clearly have a great relationship. Nintendo should buy them, and get them working on a new Golden Sun for their next gen system.

H995d ago

The acquisition that makes sense the most in the world, yet I can't see it happen anytime soon

Michiel198995d ago

I would go crazy if they announce either a remake of golden sun 1&2 or a sequel or at least something in the world of Golden Sun. Golden Sun is still in my top 5 games of all time, i have such good memories of it. The Djinn system really gave you a good way to play around with characters, change their builds or go for an all out summon strat (which kinda broke the game ngl, but it was fun regardless). The little puzzles in the world were also done pretty well, although some of them really required a lot of backtracking. Now give me Isaac in HD ;)

curtain_swoosh95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

ahhh, shining force.
its soo good.

Germaximus95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

nm. just stupid

Godmars29095d ago

Not PlatinumGames. Not that I see MS as a better choice for them.

Eonjay95d ago

Honestly, I think MS is the worst choice. MS probably has the smallest PG fanbase. No one seems server by a PG purchase except for PG. PG is honestly one of the studios I don't think anyone should purchase. Also most of their Popular IP is owned by someone else.

curtain_swoosh95d ago

quite honestly, your are absolutely right. the games PG makes are more japenese style influenced than western.

most the xbox fanbase are not fans of such a thing

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