Shadow Warrior 3 has gone gold and review code is rolling out to media this week

Flying Wild Hog has tweeted that Shadow Warrior 3 has gone gold & the review codes are being shared with the media this week.

Omnisonne653d ago

The second game was awesome, I have high hopes for this one.


Shadow Warrior 3 Xbox One Review | NoobFeed

Azfar Rayan from NoobFeed writes - Shadow Warrior 3 felt like a significant step down from the excellent Shadow Warrior 2, and it's a tremendous disappointment and a squandered chance to improve the franchise.

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Germaximus588d ago

2 was incredible but for some reason people didn't like it. I never understood why. 3 is the result of useless "fan feedback" from people that didn't like 2 which makes no sense cuz it was better than the first game.

3 is really good, 2 is better. Not having new game plus in 3 is absolutely terrible though.


The PlayStation BRAHcast: Episode 19 - Deathloop+ Premium Plan Plus Ultra

The PlayStation Brahs:

"Welcome to another episode of The PlayStation BRAHcast, the official podcast of ThePlayStationBrahs.com! Listen to Today’s episode as The Brah and James P. discuss the mighty changes coming to PS Plus, plus their opinions on such games as: Chorus, Carrion, Shadow Warrior 3, Hades, Biomutant, and so much more in Episode 19 of the PlayStation BRAHcast!"

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Shadow Warrior 3 - Are You a Wang that Can? – Chit Hot

The 3rd title in Flying Wild Hog's modern reboot, Shadow Warrior 3 is available now for PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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