EA acknowledges Battlefield 2042 failure with Town Hall post-mortem

From Tom Henderson on Xfire: "EA management ran a company 'Town Hall' meeting call today, giving previously unknown insight as to how the launch of Battlefield 2042 has been perceived internally by key executives."

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LordoftheCritics288d ago

''EA acknowledged that the company has historically had bug issues with DICE games at launch, and that the bug count for Battlefield 2042 did fall into the range that they would have expected when compared to other launches. So, it was believed that the issues would be manageable''

Something terrifying about this statement.

XiNatsuDragnel288d ago

I think the whole thing but idk.

porkChop288d ago

That's the problem. I get that games are complex and that there will be bugs on day 1. Fine, fix them asap. But BF launches have been horrible. Far beyond the amount of bugs and performance issues that people would expect. It's mind boggling that EA has looked at previous BF launches and thought, "yeah that's an acceptable amount of issues.

Smok91287d ago

The moment I shot a car window and it legitimately took 1-2 seconds to break I knew this game was f’d. I’ve never seen such poor optimization except maybe some Alphas I tried and immediately quit.

patrick1287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

EA has always proven that they are all about the bottom line and don't give a dam about releasing polished games. That's why Anthem failed, Madden failed this year, and now Battlefield. They are in danger of losing Fifa also. They don't give a shit about their developers because people still buy these games.

Yi-Long287d ago

If the suits believe the only big problem with BF2042 is/was “too many bugs”, and not the actual game itself, then there’s no hope whatsoever that they have a clue about why this failed miserably.

DogJosha287d ago

My final straw was finding out I was having a hard time getting into games just to find out other people were in lobbies full of AI, and they claimed AI would simply give up their spot for real players. This is PvP. There shouldn't be any damn AI to begin with...

metalgod88287d ago

The problems with Battlefield 2042 go WAY beyond bugs. Fundamentally, the game is just lacking the majority of what we have come to expect. It's fine to try something new, but when you completely take away everything we love about the series, it's not Battlefield anymore.

And then if you include all the bugs and issues, what is there is just not fun to play. Even with friends, I struggled to enjoy what was there. I was literally seeing my sniper bullets go through the enemies lol. It's problems go way beyond the game.

Juancho51287d ago

Theyre basically saying, "Consumers have allowed us to get away with bugged releases for so long, that it is now an expected norm for all our releases. We expected bugs on this level, and we were sure we'd be able to manage and eliminate the bugs while still providing a positive gaming experience. Fuck your wallets, cream get the money, wu-tang 4 life.

yeahokwhatever286d ago

yep. its a culture of failure.

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Profchaos287d ago

I think the problem is they believe they were justified in putting out a unfinished game.

When I played the open beta on ps5 I saw issues where the skybox flickered black like it was the late 90s PC gaming with a outdated driver and launch was right around the corner there was no way they could take all the bugs while balancing the game.

Launch day came around and some issues were fixed but it was still a joke.

Player counts have fallen so low that this isn't going to be redeemed I think it's another anthem again.

SenorFartCushion287d ago

Anybody who tries to justify live service games don’t understand why they exist.

They exist to be launched broken and to help generate perpetual “engagement “ with updates

Crows90287d ago

Broken and/or incomplete.

NickN287d ago

Bingo! Ding, ding, ding! These corpos are releasing alpha/beta games, and then having the consumers pay for it as they go.

287d ago
Gardenia287d ago

A couple months later now and they could have changes 2 or 3 maps by now if they would be serious about the game. Nothing is going to change really.

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