Dune: Spice Wars Hands-off Preview - Spice up Your Life [Wccftech]

Shiro Games will be taking you to the deserts in Dune: Spice Wars later this year for some 4X action. Before this release, Wccftech had an early look.

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Dune: Spice Wars Review - Spice Up Your Life | COGconnected

Dune Spice Wars. the latest in the longest running strategy game series around, plays it safe with a satisfying modern refresh.

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jznrpg2d ago

Massively disappointed there isn’t a main story campaign from what I’ve read. I have loved Dune since I read the books in the 80’s as a kid after watching the David Lynch movie (which I also love but has its own issues) I like the details they put in the game but without a main story campaign I think they really missed out on what makes the Dune universe so great, the story.


Dune: Spice Wars Review - IGN

A clever, multilayered RTS that skillfully translates so much of what is cool about Dune.

SlothLordPootus17d ago

Wait, is this actually good?? I thought this looked like mobile trash?

JusttJD009916d ago

That's why you shouldn't have an opinion ready before even playing something.

anast16d ago

This would be true if every game offered a free demo. But since they don't, we have to have opinions before playing games. No one wants to buy a broken or sh#$ product just to have an opinion about it.

SlothLordPootus16d ago

It was just a first impression from trailers? You're telling me you've never watched a movie trailer and thought, "Wow, that looks bad".

It's obviously not a definitive review of something until played/watched, just initial impressions.

LostPotato16d ago

Great just another 4x combat game with no story campaign or cut-scenes.

Back to the classic Dune RTS games which are better.


Dune: Spice Wars launches September 14

Real-time strategy game Dune: Spice Wars will leave Early Access and launch in version 1.0 for PC via Steam on September 14, publisher Funcom and developer Shiro Games announced.