Battlefield 2042 CM: "No Value" in Pretending Reddit a Constructive Place; Explains Why It's Avoided

Battlefield 2042 Community Manager explains why the dev team aren't active on Reddit anymore, and adds, "no value" pretending it's a constructive place.

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Inverno288d ago

Translation: we don't wanna see the thousands of posts constantly telling us how shite we are so we don't use reddit anymore. That way we can continue making bad games and making the same mistakes.

It's no secret you rather take the word of an influencer than deal with the wrath of your consumers constantly pointing out all the mistakes you should've avoided. People needa toughen up, we've allowed "toxicity" to be an excuse for lack of engagement between devs and their players. A few a holes can be easily dealt with and aren't a reason to just avoid reddit all together.

IanTH288d ago (Edited 288d ago )

It's interesting. They did say in that message that they will continue to read reddit as a source of information on what needs fixing, but they won't be participating in replies.

I am sure that no matter what he replies to, he does get an avalanche of toxic assholes replying, and with personalized crap instead of focusing on the actual game. On the one hand, I agree that you should be able to let it slide off your back & ignore it. On the other, I'm not sure how much I'd be interested in dealing with that day after day either. Regardless, I don't think the solution is to throw your hands up altogether and quit replying, but to come up with another solution.

Perhaps comb reddit (et al) and then after a week or two, make one post under a company account (instead of individuals) that summarizes what you've seen are the problems, what you think good ideas are, what solutions you plan to implement. Don't reply to individual comments, and let the discourse continue without the potential for individualized abuse. There's gotta be a middle ground.

excaliburps288d ago

Yep I agree. I get that it is super toxic having to filter through hate messages, comments whenever they post there, but that's what mods are for? They can easily lock or ban users who are toxic, yeah?

I dunno. If my game failed this hard, I'd be posting on Reddit, Twitter, etc and trying to win gamers over. Staying silent is not doing anyone any favors.

Extermin8or3_287d ago

Honestly I think the toxicity is worse as a result of them staying so silent about matters

Crows90288d ago (Edited 288d ago )

Wow. The words of an anti critic.

Obviously you don't need to pay attention to all criticism...that's just dumb and I don't think anybody expects that.

All you gotta do is filter all the loud children out and focus on the criticism you can work with.

It s what you do with the criticism that matters not how you take it...and these guys are opting to not take it at all.

-Foxtrot288d ago

I get that Reddit can be a toxic place but I mean anywhere on the internet can be bad if you look hard enough.

If you can't look at a place like Reddit then I doubt they are looking anywhere else unless it's a place where most people are licking their arse.

No wonder Battlefield and their other games have turned to shit, they just ignore everyone's criticism and pretend what they are doing is right.

DeusFever287d ago

Reddit is it’s own kind of toxic culture because there is the pretense that upvotes spread valuable information.

annoyedgamer288d ago

PR damage control is in full swing lmao

Father__Merrin288d ago

The game isn't too bad but needs improvement. Just go back to normal classes and ditch the operators add many more old maps in the alternate modes but I read on pc at least the player count has dropped really hard

Majin-vegeta288d ago

Operators are here to stay.They just need to lock them into classes

Nitrowolf2288d ago

Yep they are here to stay indeed, but at least they can be reworked

PS-Gamer-1986287d ago

Yup lock them into classes, get rid of their voices lines and make players able to put them behind different disguises from the getgo to avoid clone armys fighting against each others

MadLad288d ago

I doubt it's much better on console, but that's one of the positives of PC. You have a lot of options, so you can drop games that aren't up to snuff.

287d ago
Extermin8or3_287d ago

The game is in a appalling state.

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