Gamers Info Review: World Heroes Anthology

GI writes: "Whether it be the old or new, game companies left and right are trying to shove product down our throats so bad that oversaturation is not only inevitable, it's usually a reality. From any number of trends at the time, you'll always get your fair share of innovators of substance, and the trailers of mimicry are not far behind. The important idea is to find what suits your needs and go all out with them. While "party" and "casual" have been thrown around as hot words recently, there was a day not that long ago where 2D fighters reigned supreme as the standard. World Heroes Anthology harkens back from the days of SNK and follows up with not only one popular trend, but two in the form of nostalgia, as this series of four old-school 2D fighters tries to remind you why you loved shouting out the names of your favorite arcade moves back in the day."

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