8 Great Games from 2021 That (Almost) No One Played

VGChartz's Craig Snow: "My version of this article last year was fairly well-received, so I decided to revive the concept. Hopefully this article gives the eight titles I felt were most under-played relative to their acclaim in 2021 just a little bit more publicity."

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brewin740d ago

The Artful Escape was great! I checked it out on Gamepass and loved every minute! That was trippy as hell and a totally unexpected thrill ride. I highly recommend that one!

EvertonFC740d ago

One of favourites last year was "lost in random"

Totally went unnoticed yet a gem of a game.
Tim Burton style visuals, fantastic characters, interesting story, fantastic game play mechanics with real time and turn based dice mechanics also quite a challenge with some bosses.

MadLad740d ago

That's one that really comes to mind to me. Absolutely fantastic game, and barely a peep from anywhere on the game.

coolbeans739d ago

I've been meaning to try that one out too.

Youngindy21740d ago

I did play the Artful Escape though. But I agree, the rest of those titles were never even on my radar.

NINJA5689740d ago

Wildermyth deserves a spot. so fucking entertaining and gets better the more you play it.

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