Fancy A Way Around 360 Proprietary Cables?

From Kotaku: "Then go track down the $30 Pelican Air Flo when it's released ("sometime" in Q1). The Air Flo has a silly name, but a noble purpose. It's main role is as a cooler for the 360, but since nobody actually needs one of those, we'll just move right along.

Where it gets worthwhile is that attaching the Air Flo allows you to use regular ol' non-Microsoft cables to hook your 360 up, which should save you a ton of money if you lose/break your High-Def AV cables (or bought a Core mistake). You get VGA, component, composite and S-Video ports, along with a digital audio out jack."

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Mikey_Gee4898d ago (Edited 4898d ago )

I posted this almost 2 weeks ago !!

I think it is the same thing, but now Pelican has their mits in the pot.