Sonic the Hedgehog creator reveals "mixed feelings" about Sonic games on non-Sega consoles

From Games Radar: "Sonic the Hedgehog creator Yuji Naka has revealed that he had "mixed feelings" about releasing a game on a non-Sega console.

In a tweet, which shared another tweet celebrating the 20th anniversary of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, Naka wrote: "I had mixed feelings about Sonic's run on non-Sega hardware, both sad and happy. It's been 20 years now." The video game designer didn’t elaborate on his tweet any further so it’s not clear what his initial concerns were. "

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Duke19402d ago

Growing up... Sega WAS Sonic and vice-versa to me. Sometimes being multiplatform does "take away" from the experience a bit imo (especially nowadays when everything is just done for "how to maximize profits")

Father__Merrin402d ago

Would be a dream come true for another Sega console. Had they still had non stop arcade hits which are now disfunct anyways a dreamcast esqu console for arcade ports would be awesome

But times cganged

Muigi402d ago

Sonic Adventure 2 was my favorite Sonic game.

Fntastic402d ago

For sure, not sure how I'd rank it vs the 2D games, but in terms of pure fun SA2 is a very fun game.

Nerdmaster402d ago

Yuji Naka was a big reason why Saturn failed (it really needed a Sonic game, and he refused to let Sonic team use his Nights engine for a Sonic game, and creating another engine from scratch was difficult because of Saturn's weird architecture) and Sega never recovered from that. So his opinions about Sega having to release games for other consoles don't matter.

ZwVw401d ago

Saturn failed because Bernie Stolar announced publicly that the system wasn't their future. Which ticked off several 3rd party publishers and devs (i.e. Working Designs and Eidos), resulting in them dropping support for the system and working exclusively with Sony and PSX.