Pokemon Legends: Arceus remains No.1 for third week running | UK Boxed Charts

Pokémon Legends: Arceus once again took the top spot of the UK boxed charts, for the third consecutive week, despite a 45% drop in sales.

Dying Light 2 had to settle for No.2 again for its second week in the charts. Sales for Techland's title only decreased 57% week-on-week, selling particularly well on PS5 (42% of all units shifted) and PS4 (29%).

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ZeekQuattro354d ago

Well that certainly is surprising. Last week the title made it seem like it just barely hung on to the top spot.

Outlawzz354d ago

I hope they can improve on this formula moving forward and introduce it into the mainline games rather than a 1-off side game

badz149353d ago

it's Pokemon, what else do we expect? perfect motivation for GameFreak to NOT pushing boundaries with their tech and stay 2 gens behind! it sells, that's what matters!