NCAA Football 2007

Electronic Arts dropped a bomb on IGN yesterday, giving them the latest build of NCAA Football 2007 on Xbox 360, the first college football game of this next-gen era.

College football is all about great college atmosphere, impressive audio quality, and some barn-burning over-time games. EA is talking about very interesting details with its first next-gen college game: motion capture sessions where 10,000 moves were grabbed; 1,000 new animations such as brutal blindside hits, cutblocks that send defenders flipping head over foot, and defensive players jumping over blockers trying to cut them down low, and an impressive lighting system that maps various times of day.

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THAMMER16463d ago

You are on fire with the good news home boy keep it up. I will be getting this one for sure. see ya on live.

OutLaw6463d ago (Edited 6463d ago )

I will try to keep bringing the news.

Lucidmantra6462d ago (Edited 6462d ago )

He aint constantly #1-2 or 3 for no reason. <bows to sensai> LMAO

OutLaw6463d ago (Edited 6463d ago )

I started getting into NCAA Football a few years back. Always been a Madden Fan. But when I purchased my first college game, I felt there was nothing like it. Having your own stadium, naming your team was just the start of what this game brings. Then when you are done with your career as a college player, bringing your guys over to Madden to be drafted was a nice touch. Well This being the first Next Gen college football game. I hope it turns out to be something special.

Lucidmantra6462d ago

Ill see you online Outlaw ... i love NCAA Football... Madden is ok but college is where its at in real life and in video games. Last years game was outstanding and this one will be better yet..and next gen gfxs. man my surround sound is going to get a workout, and my naighbors will hate me again.

OutLaw6462d ago (Edited 6462d ago )

Don't think I will take it easy on you, Because we're cool. I play a mean game of football. LOL.. Hope to play you on-line.

Lucidmantra6462d ago

LOL... I would ask no quarter and expect none. I get my ass kicked often. I would rather have a good time and lose than play the console all the time. As long as you aint onside kicking every kickoff and throwing the same play at me 30 times lol.

OutLaw6462d ago

Watch it be me who gets his ASS kicked. You probably a pro at that game. Just take it easy on me, I have a bad back.. LOL.

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omansteveo6462d ago

I love the new running animations and the jukes look awesome i cant wait till foot ball season this will keep me busy toil madden comes out, ya'll better watch out bc the Chiefs are gonna get it done..LJ what get at him!

Moostache6462d ago

I love NCAA football and Madden. Easily the two games I have played the most over the past 15 years or so (on every console going back to the days of the Sega Genesis).

Anyone looking for a staight-up no BS game of football this fall should send me a friend request, but please, don't waste my time with BS gameplay and gimmicks. I only want to play serious football and not get into games with guys who want to exploit the AI in unrealistic ways or run the same play 15 times in a row.

OutLaw6462d ago

I say this year yes. Considering that the game is going to be released in July. Maybe next year will be a different story.

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Will There Ever Be A New Rayman Game?

Ubisoft barely have a leg to stand on lately, so do they need to crack open the vaults and return platforming royalty to glory for some goodwill?

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-Foxtrot16h ago

We need Rayman 4, they could make a great platformer game if they wanted. With the open hub levels and the like.

Better than relying on Rabbids and Assassins Creed all the time

Profchaos2h ago

Yeah agree id love a Rayman 2 style 3d platform game over another 2d platformer I know people loved legends but it never gelled with me same as Rayman 1 back in the day on PS it just felt like a average platformer with sonic and Mario offering something better on what was then last gen hardware

Terry_B16h ago

Yes..but I am sure it won't be the Rayman game fans want. Not from the company that is Ubisoft today.

mastershredder14h ago(Edited 14h ago)

Ancel is retired from games. His hoodlum/rabbid team are doing their own thing. It would not be the same if Ubisoft did.

Profchaos2h ago

Probably far more profitable to make low effort Rabbids games aimed at kids over a next Rayman

Chocoburger9h ago

Experience points, skill trees to fill up, level gating, endless menial tasks and side quests, constantly scrounging for resources. Always having to upgrade your gear. A.KA. "The Ubisoft effect".

No thanks, don't ruin Rayman's legacy.

Profchaos2h ago

Sure there will be it'll launch right alongside the next splinter cell


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TheBrainZ1d 15h ago

A sequel? More likely a remake as is the current trend? No point, everyone wants GTA VI.